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  • Nov. 7, 2020, 10:34 a.m.
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Election fervor has died down for me. I kind of just want to get back into the humdrum of my life and go back to ignoring politics.
Today I’ll be spending a chunk of time sewing and probably watching Netflix. The December babies in my family are soon to arrive and it seems I’ve run out of time to make the mommies the pocket shawls I so wanted. ToT Never underestimate two baby showers. It almost makes me want to crochet baby blankets as “backup.”

edit: I published this entry right before I saw that they made the call–Biden has won PA and won the election.

I think it’s weird how the election is taking soo. longg. especially considering how there aren’t many votes left. Are states just buying time to protect areas of interest from right-wing terrorism? A bomb threat in PA had already been called (in the fashion district, but it was a lie as no bomb was found–still, how scary).
I personally think it’s wrong how guns are being used to intimidate others who are defenseless. Others who are just doing their job of counting. And these are like assault rifles people are carrying around. It’s scary enough that some workers have requested guards to escort them to and from the worksite.

Not to mention how fucking ridiculous it makes some trumpers look for claiming “the crazy pro-Biden protesters are coming” and it’s “sooo scary; I’m scared for my life” when all that’s happened are people just marching in streets, basically citizens exercising their right to peaceful protests.

Saw a snippet of FOX news in my media scrollings and there was an anchor telling trump supporters that trump should give up the presidency gracefully if he loses. The way she talked though was weird–something to the effect of “They are trying to take away from trump his legacy as a wonderful leader.” I’m sorry, did someone else log into trump’s twitter account under his name, write all the lies he did about winning and try to stir up his base to perform a coup, undermining the US democratic system with zero evidence? Is someone wearing a trump suit pretending to be trump when he stood before the US American people at a press conference recently and basically whined like a spoilt little child?
Any legacy that could have been had was ruined by none other than himself. Stop excusing this man child who has the responsibility of leading a nation.

Like, I read some trumpers saying, “trump is different and it’s easy to target him; people are bullying him because he is not like everyone else in politics”– wow. poor ittle wittle twump, so sad for the most powerful man in the nation. Woe is trump, /rains down snowflakes, that everyone should be attacking him for failing to lead a nation, like it’s not his fault that he told his supporters to not wear masks, and now the counties that voted >93% trump are the most highly infected areas in the USA.

FOX news is basically propaganda to me.

I think I’m done ranting.

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