Small Giants: Chapter 5 A Culture of Intimacy in Notes on Reading

  • Nov. 5, 2020, 9:35 a.m.
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People “own” a part of the company, are personally invested
People are included, asked about their thoughts, etc.
Hire people who are motivated by more than money (share business values)
The work people do should feel meaningful
People should not feel a need to prove they are as good as the next person, everybody is valuable
There are no secrets
People are given lots of opportunities to grow
People are given lots of personal opportunities
People are given generous compensation (and not punished for needing sick or vacation, and not punished if business makes unexpected choices)
People are given flexible schedules
People are often celebrated, birthdays, rewards, promotions, etc.
Nobody is looking over peoples’ shoulders
Give people a lot of responsibility and accept mistakes as par for the course
As a leader, be aware of the “little worlds” you are responsible for

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