119 in Morning Stream

  • Nov. 2, 2020, 8:47 a.m.
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The snow comes early this year, Sunday afternoon just after 2pm. I’m out in the neighbourhood for a midday walkabout with the missus. I’d rather walk outside than on the treadmill that we’ve installed in our living room, next to the new rowing machine. I’ve also taken my dumbbells down from the loft, so it’s all there waiting. A home gym waiting for the weather to keep this guy in.

March. That is the target. I countdown starting on November 1, 120 days till March 1, 119 now.

I don’t like winter. Except when I was a little kid and didn’t know any better, I’ve never liked winter. I watch Youtube videos of English teachers, now full-time Youtubers living in Taiwan complain about the heat and truth be told, I used to complain about the heat too, but it never kept me in. Winter keeps me in. It would probably be different if I liked winter sports.
I used to skate, but that was transportation not sport.

This morning the snow is on the lawns and rooftops. The roads are clear, not that I am planning on going anywhere. I don’t even see my car very often now that my youngest has borrowed it indefinitely.
I have to borrow it back when I need it.
I made an appointment last week to put the snow tires on tomorrow. Good timing, though it seems like I was there recently having the snow tires taken off. The joys of living in a four season environment. I even have summer and winter socks!

Today’s video is a tramway tour through Amsterdam with 4K Cabview Holland Dutch Railways. The tram trip takes me back. I knew the inner harbour area and the neighbourhood near the central post office when I lived there 40+ years ago. I knew the lanes and alleys near the squat. I remember riding the tram out to the weekend market once and another time back from the movies. The architecture, the bicycles and the rain make it unmistakably Amsterdam.

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