Long story short... in 2020

  • Oct. 30, 2020, 3:09 p.m.
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Yesterday I was in a weird mood. I got into my head about the whole former BFF thinking maybe I WAS to blame for some shit. Maybe I COULD HAVE tried harder and did more. I even cried about the whole situation for the first time.

And then I went back and re-read some of the entries from around a year ago until her wedding.
Nope. Not sad.
Angry and annoyed.

Disappointed IN MYSELF that I didn’t peace the fuck out of the entire situation earlier. She was so entitled and just fucking mean.

I bet she regrets having me as her MOH SO much. I sure as shit regret sticking around and putting up with what I did for it- for what? To “save the friendship”?

The friendship was doomed the second I gained confidence and started caring about myself more than I cared about her.

Last updated October 30, 2020

JustSurviveSomehow October 30, 2020

I remember those entries. She did seem like an incredibly toxic person. But it doesn't make it any easier. She was a big part of your life for a long time. I think it's normal to have mixed feelings about it.

DE_mkately October 30, 2020

I'm glad you had those entries so that you can keep it in perspective because you should NOT feel bad or guilty or anything NO. Of course you can have some sad feelings about her not being here for you when you invested so much in her, but no other complicated feelings because she is an awful person. After all that, she could have been a better person and at least said congrats! She's horrible.

SilentEcho October 30, 2020

I'm glad you see what we all saw, it's so hard to be in it and feeling a certain way. You've grown, she has not.

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