Weekend! in 2020

  • Oct. 24, 2020, 5:31 a.m.
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My back is killllllllllllllling me. I am a stomach sleeper. It’s my favorite. I think it’s the comfiest and when I have problems falling asleep (always), it puts me to sleep. But it kills my back. I’ve been trying to be better and force myself to fall asleep on my side but I will always wake up on my tum. People who sleep on their backs are just weird. I sleep next to one nightly. And not only a back sleeper but he also sleeps with his legs criss crossed.

I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS WEEKEND. I have two hours left of work and it’s dragging. I need it to be done. We are doing NOTHING. After weekends of always something, I’m stoked for nothing. Well. We have one appointment at the bank to open our joint bank account and savings account for the wedding <3.

Then a weekend of self care. Face masks, feet moisture masks, hair cuts, hair coloring (me, not him.), manis (me), pedicures mixed in with days of movies, naps, freshly baked pumpkin cookies, Fall candles and sex (AND new toys to go along with that!) It’s like the perfect weekend and exactly what I need.

DE_mkately October 24, 2020

sounds glorious!

i'm not much of a back sleeper but how does anyone sleep on their back and NOT snore? i don't think it's possible! can't be good for breathing!

SilentEcho October 24, 2020

I slept on my stomach until I got pregnant with B and couldn't anymore and haven't been able to since. :( I'm a side sleeper usually. Arizona sleeps on his back all the time and snores and snores, also does strange ass things with his legs. Must be a guy thing.

I should take a cue from you and have a pampering weekend. :)

colojojo November 06, 2020

I am also a stomach sleeper, although I usually wake up on my back. I just can’t fall asleep unless I’m on my stomach, or I’m so tired that my body will sleep no matter what ;p

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