Small Giants: Chapter 4 Ties That Bond in Notes on Reading

  • Oct. 23, 2020, 9:55 a.m.
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This chapter was all about caring, genuinely and personally, about everybody involved in your business, including (in my case) associates, clients, insurance companies, networking partners, etc.

I think figuring out how to build a personal, intimate connection with insurance companies might present the biggest challenge. It may even be impossible. But it’s worth looking into.

I don’t really see myself ever getting big enough to, say, “hold an event in the community.” Again, if I do, it’s something to consider.

Another emphasis of this chapter was integrity. In particular, they mentioned Ani DiFranco of Righteous Babe and how “there’s this seamless consistency between Ani’s words, her music, her art, and the reality of her life.” Authenticity, is the word that comes to my mind. Or “real,” something I’ve been complimented on a lot.

It mentioned “education is a tool many companies use to build closer relationships with customers,” and it reminded me of my instinct to tell my clients what I’m doing rather than just doing it. For example, I may start off by saying “Let’s talk about your childhood memories and then see how they are informing your current sense of identity. There may be some beliefs you have about yourself that can be challenged.” From my understanding, this is not something many of my colleagues do.

They also talked about loyalty and professionalism. If someone has been good to you, be good to them. Always.

The chapter ended by pointing out the irony about small giants: “What really sets them apart is their belief that the customer comes second,” because it’s the people who work along side you that should come first.

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