Hard day today in 2020

  • Oct. 17, 2020, 5:16 p.m.
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Today was the service for Larry’s brother and it also coincides with what would be Cassandra’s 18th birthday.

We had to do a few things to do before the service, we did FB video messenger with the family.

I went to Publix and heard the song In the living Years and nearly broke down, but held it together because I didn’t want to be seen crying in the store.

One of Larry’s cousins didn’t go. His wife text Larry, he (the cousin) didn’t want to go and she doesn’t like to drive except close to the house.

I will remember that. What is comical, she put a picture of

If a family doesn’t get together to laugh, God will bring you together and make you cry.
Y’all better stop holding on to unnecessary grudges.

Well, they weren’t there to support others in the family, who they claim to love, so they can’t say crap.

I won’t contact either if something happens to Larry, they showed they don’t care.

If we could be there, we would, but Larry isn’t in the best of health, and wearing a mask for a couple of hrs on a flight isn’t good or driving two days.

The last couple of times he had to do a flight, his leg was hurting for days after. On one trip, he needed a wheelchair.

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