Pms=suicidal, extra hours, cheapskate shopping in ?

  • Oct. 15, 2020, 8:22 p.m.
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My boss messaged me on facebook asked if I would like to work 11-4 on Wednesday putting stock up instead having a day off I agreed I like extra hours.In the middle of my shift he told me to go to lunch. I didn’t want to go to lunch because I didn’t want to waste my last $10 on food. I went in the break room snatched 3 mints out of a bowl absorbed them in water and sipped on my mint water happily. Everyone asked why I wasn’t eating. I confessed I was saving the $10 for gas in case I needed more gas before payday. All my coworkers understood.

My mom knows on Thursdays I go to Treasure Bins because everything is a quarter. That is my weekly cheapskate shopping spree. Mom put $25 in my account so I could get gas, and for my shopping. I thanked her I rarely shop so that means a lot to me. I really did need gas and food.

At Treasure Bins today I paid $2 for 8 items. Treasure Bins haul -cell phone case for a LG siesta, an adhesive wallet to go on back of case, charger port for car, 10 anchor buttons, 11 coco themed stickers, 11 puppy themed stickers and 1 mosquito repellent bracelet, 1 black bag all. God I love quarter day! :)

I am feeling depressive and suicidal due to my period starting up. One of the many side effects of pmdd. My husband and I watched tictoc videos for a while. When he went to play video games in the living room I hid and cried in a dark room. I never allow my negative feelings make me act on my own self destruction because I know it is hormonal. I know when my period is over my urge to end my life goes away. I sat in a dark room and cried. Part of my depression comes from me thinking about my dad who died of a heart attack in 2018. I feel so helpless because I honestly don’t know how to simply get by. I wish he was here to teach me more.

Payday is tomorrow. Most of my money will go on the power bill. The closer we get to the holiday season the more hours at work I will get. My dad died December 2018. Every time I hear Christmas music i want to cry. Working retail is a bitch but it is better than nothing. Christmas music drives me nuts. Advantage of wearing masks no one can see your unhappiness.

I need to go to bed early. I work 10-3. I hope my cramps don’t keep me up in pain and crying all night. I heard if I soak in bath salts magnesium eases pain. I might have a bubble bath before bed.. I really hope I sleep tonight. Thank God payday is in the morning.

Kristi1971 October 15, 2020

Does a heating pad help? When I was a teen, I had horrible periods. The cramping would make me throw up. I used a heating pad and it helped.

Xyri October 17, 2020

I'm sorry about the period pain. I can relate. I would def. Try a heating pad like the above noter suggested, just to even get a little relief.

Also, I wish we had a Treasure Bins here, my kids would go crazy for that!

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