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  • Oct. 15, 2020, 1:15 p.m.
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Last year, my boss approached me and asked if I would like to be on their insurance. I told him I couldn’t afford it at the time. He asked if I had any insurance and I said no. I haven’t for YEARS. He said that he doesn’t like that and they would pay for my insurance until I could afford to pay towards it.

I had a loan to pay off that drained my accounts.

I paid off that loan in Sept.

I went into my boss’s office today and told him that I was in a spot now that I could start paying towards my insurance. He said, “Well actually, I’d prefer to keep paying it all.”

Howwwwwwwwww did I get so lucky with this job? Seriously. Guys. For the past 3-4 months (I don’t even remember), I’ve gotten $1,000 bonus every month. They pay for my insurance 100%. If I ever needed time off, I get it. The bonuses. Paid vacation. Paid sick time. ALL NORMAL THINGS but I’m not used to getting them. They’re just so good to me.

So while in his office, he said he was talking to his partner (my other boss) about me… and that they’d like to hire me an assistant. He said that they have a feeling I am overwhelmed (I am) and they don’t want that. They said full time, I told them part time. I wouldn’t need someone full time at this time. There’s just some things I can’t get to and I hate not being able to keep up with everything.

We also talked about my running errands. Currently, the few shipments we do that have to go to the Post Office or FedEx, I have to run them there. (We have UPS pick up daily but some customers won’t accept UPS). So usually I am supposed to leave work 15 minutes early to run these to these places but… it takes me 15 minutes just to get to the post office. I have to go north when I live south. So usually I DON’T leave early and end up getting done running these errands around 5 or later… when I’m technically supposed to be done (and only get paid until) 4:30. It’s not a huge deal but he’s like, “You live south so there’s no point in you going north when you have co-workers that live blocks away from these places”.

And we discussed the Christmas budget/party.
I asked for a budget for decorating. He said to discuss it with my co-workers, come up with a price and let him know. Then I asked if we could actually have a real Christmas party instead of a lunch and back to work. He said as long as I plan it, yes.

I get free insurance
I get an assistant
I get someone else running after work
I get a decorating budget
And we get a Christmas party!

I love this job.

And for some bad news-
I punched Andy in the face last night in my sleep.
GUYS. I felt so bad. He was so frustrated to begin with because he couldn’t fall asleep (RARE for him), he was hot, he was just irritated and I kept passing out like crazy. I was facing him and my left arm was kind of up and I passed out and it went down, with force, right on his face. My ring hit him right in the nose. I woke up to an “AHHHH”. It hurt. Lol.
He kept trying to make jokes around it but I just felt so bad.
It wasn’t a great night. Now I can laugh more about it though.


lessoff October 15, 2020

aww that sounds like a wonderful boss. :)

toddslife October 15, 2020

wow nice boss

~daydreamer~ October 15, 2020

Wow that is amazing about your job. Even just relationships with managers like that is rare. Good for you!!

Lol about the face. It's not funny but it is. Hope his face is ok!

sedentary October 19, 2020

Wow that job does sound awesome because they really value you!. As for punching in the sleep, me and Will have both done it to each other and I have a spray bottle by the bed for when the cats fight on the bed and I've sprayed him in the face multiple times. He really wants to kill me when that happens!

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