Rooted in Day to Day

  • Oct. 14, 2020, 8:19 p.m.
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Endo appointment went as well as expected.. My jaw aches from having it cranked open for an hour and a half. The new endodontist is a colorful character, and I can see why he’s making the doctor batty… 😆 Just gotta schedule my crown now.

I voted, woo. 15 minutes in and out, almost everyone distanced and masked, which was more than I was expecting! Love when things are easy.

I’m mad procrastinating my last few history assignments. I’ll get to them.. eventually. They’re due Sunday night, so I have time. And an art assignment.. Can’t forget that one.

Went for Mexican for dinner because I earned it by not biting anyone during the root canal… 😆 Margaritas makes an Amaretto ‘rita that is the shiiiit. Yummm. Only had one, otherwise I’d already be asleep on the couch instead of lounging on my phone. Kinda bummed my led candles really don’t show up well in my plastic pumpkins, but otherwise I’m pretty happy with my Halloween display! Judging is tonight and tomorrow, won’t be announced until next month. 🙄🙄🙄 But I won’t even care by then, so I’ll either totally forget or get a nice surprise!

Jeez, my GP gave me a script for 90 muscle relaxants… Damn dude, how many of these things do you think I’ll actually take?! And I got 15 Tylenol 3 for my root canal. I think I got about 6 after a freakin’ implant placed. Damn, y’all..

I don’t think I’ll be up past about 9… 😴😴😴


WeAreStarStuff October 15, 2020

Those relaxers will come in handy someday after a painful round of yard work or IKEA furniture moving. 😁

TX Tornado WeAreStarStuff ⋅ October 15, 2020

No kidding!

Lucretia October 15, 2020

Not biting people definitely warrants an award.

No idea what an amarettorita is but I want one.

TX Tornado Lucretia ⋅ October 15, 2020

It's a frozen margarita with a shot of amaretto, and omg it comes together beautifully!

Jinn October 17, 2020

Save those extra muscle relaxants for an emergency :-)
A margarita sounds good :-) 👌

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