Differential diagnosis in Day to Day

  • Oct. 13, 2020, 4:54 a.m.
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Alright! Do I have kidney stones, an ovarian cyst, endometriosis, or appendicitis? Who knows?!

I’m still having right lower back and side/abdominal pain. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow morning.. Not excited. I kind of suspect it’s reproductive in nature, but I really hope it’s not a kidney stone.

Today hasn’t been good or productive, but it’s not entirely my fault. I started the day with an attempted rescue… A neighbor posted a picture of a cat who had been hit, saying they ‘still had some life left in them.’ Wtf, man. But I guess he could have done less by doing absolutely nothing… So I grabbed a carrier and a towel, put Nathan in the car, and went to find the poor thing. She was in bad shape, breathing but only barely. I bundled her up and called a couple vets to see who could see her. When they saw her, it was as I expected: she was in really bad shape with neurological signs indicative of a severe head injury. Poor girl was old, estimated 13 or 14, and of course didn’t have a chip. The vet said we could take x-rays and try some things, but she was old and didn’t stand a good chance of making it and recommended euthanizing her, which they did at no cost. I would have paid for it, just to keep her from suffering, but it was appreciated. I knew when I first saw the picture that this was probably what would happen, but I couldn’t leave her to die in the street. Nathan handled it all pretty well, as kids sometimes do. He was happy when we got a donut afterward.

I had a horrid headache when we got home, so I’ve basically been a potato. I’m going to take a shower and try to kick start myself once Nathan takes a nap, see if I can get some cleaning done. Wish me luck.


Lucretia October 13, 2020

That poor cat, you have such a heart of gold.

I hope your doctor visit goes well x

Justlovely October 14, 2020

Ugh! Just seeing this. When we were there, I got some unexplained pain of that nature and was accused of being pill seeking. I didn't even know the freaking pain pill they were accusing me of trying to get. I hope you get sorted. It can be hard to diag this stuff, even when they try honestly. Mine spontaneously went away after two different bouts that lasted days, and I have never had explanation for it.

Justlovely October 14, 2020

Be kind to yourself. Take the rest when you need the rest.

Jinn October 17, 2020

You have such a good heart . So glad you rescued her and gave her mercy. Thank- you . ❤️

TX Tornado Jinn ⋅ October 18, 2020

There was no way I could leave the poor girl there. 😞 I would hope someone would help my babies if they ever needed it.

Jinn TX Tornado ⋅ October 19, 2020

People can be so cruel.

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