Pms, suicidal impulses, just keep trying in ?

  • Oct. 11, 2020, 5:59 a.m.
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Thanks to pms I am in intense pain and irritated. I can’t sleep. My hormones give me the urge once a month to destroy. My brain fights my hormonal urges that makes me want to kill myself every month. Every month I remind myself it is a bad moment not a bad lifetime. I will quit wanting to kill myself when my period stops. I have been having these urges since my period started when I was 13. I am grateful I can rationalize with myself instead falling into temptation.

I have no insurance so I just rock and cry. I wish my pms pain would stop. I have had less than 3 hours of sleep tonight and you can bet no matter what more than likely I am going to work. A day off is sometimes the difference between the power bill being paid or simply sitting in the dark. It might be the difference of eating or not.

My husband sleeps away when I cry. The pain simply is to much but I suffer alone. I think I am going to take a warm shower and see if that helps. I help for a few more minutes of sleep before work.

I am in miserable pain but hey at least I am not pregnant this month.

Lunchbox October 11, 2020

Is there any way you can get Medicare or is there a free women's clinic out there?

Foofah 5 days ago (edited 5 days ago)


A heating pad and Midol are the only things that save me each month!

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