Photography dreams crashed.. in ?

  • Oct. 10, 2020, 10:03 p.m.
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My husband told me any idiot with a camera and editing software calls themselves a photographer these days and no one has any real talent. I caught myself pouting. I don’t know how to use editing software. All my pictures have just been me with a camera. I really wish I knew how to use editing software! I want to improve my craft but he told me not to bother or try. He has a way of crushing my dreams but I won’t listen. I will improve my craft no matter how much he blows smoke out his ass. My husband is bitter and gave up on his dreams long ago. He can give up but I will always try! I see beauty in this world I want to share. My photography isn’t the best but it is uniquely me.

leftwingheartbreak October 10, 2020

while I agree that anyone can be a photographer, I do think there is a different between a talented and artistic photographer and an amateur (I don't think I've seen your photography, but I'm sure you're more of the talented variety)

Beret October 10, 2020

He's not crushing your dreams. You are letting him. Don't let him do that. You can achieve what you set out to achieve.

Rivercity October 10, 2020

I've used GIMP for photo editing (and also for other things), and it's a free download. There are other free photo-editing software programs also--I'm no expert. There's a learning curve with photo-editing software, but it's doable and often pretty fun, I think.

Anaiss October 11, 2020

Believe in yourself.

hippiechica15 October 16, 2020

Editing is part of it, but the more important part is learning how to understand and work with light with your camera. Definitely something you can read up on and practice, even before learning any editing software!! Don't give up something that brings you happiness, please keep taking pictures. That's how you improve : )

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