Grubhub in 2020

  • Oct. 7, 2020, 9:33 a.m.
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I just ordered Grubhub for the first time in my life. I paid $19 for a $10 sub. Why do people do this? Lol.

I’m stuck at work. I normally don’t eat lunch but we try to eat dinner early. Being we have a venue showing tonight, it’s gonna be a late night SO I GUESS the extra $9 is worth it today but god. I’m usually one to just throw away money on junk so I can’t talk much but I don’t see myself being a frequent GH user.

I’m stressed to the max and work never slows down. I also think I would benefit from having someone else in the office part time. I can’t keep up.

Evelyn October 07, 2020 (edited October 07, 2020)


I rarely try to order from Doordash and just pick it up myself. Sometimes it doesn't seem worth it. Something that's $10 ends up being double the price.. screw that!

It must be absolute laziness that make people consistently order from these types of companies. After I found what they were all about, I don't like to order from them.

Lunchbox October 07, 2020

My roommate orders GrubHub almost everyday. I don't get it, especially when she has a car and we don't live far away from these restaurants.

shneaker October 07, 2020

Actually they say the online delivery charges the restaurant 30% of your order for service charges. I order directly from the restaurant to make sure they get all the money.

SilentEcho October 07, 2020

We use things when there are discounts and special offers. I don't know that we've used Grubhub though. Uber Eats we've used.

~daydreamer~ October 09, 2020

So I lived in NYC where you could get almost anything ordered delivery -- FREE -- and it came in like 10 mins. God, I was spoiled. Plus, I lived in an area with a lot of different ethnic foods, and it was cheap. You could get so much indian food for like $15 (I know, believe it or not, some things in NYC are cheaper!). So then I moved here and I found myself ordering delivery a lot and spending an insane amount.

That said, I use certain apps -- mainly Postmates and Uber Eats -- and only order when there's a coupon for that restaurant or a free delivery deal, etc. I just got two meals for $22. If I'm going to do it, I make sure it's somewhat worth it, like a large order and eat it over a few meals/days. I definitely should stop doing it as much as I do though! And to the people who don't get it, oh it's easy... I HATE food shopping and planning and cooking and I'm lazy ;-)

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