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  • Oct. 7, 2020, 10:31 a.m.
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So I’m in Texas, and though I’m near a fairly liberal area, my neighborhood is full of old conservatives. No, scratch that. I could handle conservatives. It’s full of Trumpers. Much worse. And they looove to post shit casting themselves as victims to “liberal rage.” It’s a stupid back-and-forth starting with a “lib” getting butthurt because someone put up a tiny American flag in their yard. For context, probably half my neighbors subscribe (yes, it’s a paid service) to have someone put up probably 100 large American flags throughout the neighborhood for every flag-waving holiday, and some yahoo had the nerve to suggest everyone should have to lest we seem “unAmerican.” (My husband, the actual veteran, thought it was gaudy and tasteless AF and looked like a presidential funeral procession was coming through.) This is IN ADDITION TO the countless American flags already hung all over the place. So it’s stupid to begin with.

Omfg. I would have to think hard about it in the first place because I think political signs are tacky AF, but around here? I would bet on my house and/or property being vandalized if I put up a Biden sign. There are Trump signs everywhere. Do you think any of them were concerned about being vandalized? Yeah, no. And lately some asshole has been walking the neighborhood around 4am and getting into unlocked cars and taking shit, so they’re all “Load your guns!” Some dumbfuck is going to shoot themselves or a neighbor or some poor person just walking the streets. 🤦🤦🤦

Ugh. These fucking old people. There’s gonna be so much bitching after the election (if there’s any justice in the world, anyway.)


The Thirsty Oriental October 07, 2020

You bring up a good point- trumpism and conservatism are not the same thing.

TX Tornado The Thirsty Oriental ⋅ October 07, 2020

Nope. I can respect differing opinions on fiscal policies, big gov't vs small gov't, but him? Nope. Supporting Trump's obvious bigotry and bullshit that has cost lives? Nope. I can't let that slide.

The Thirsty Oriental TX Tornado ⋅ October 07, 2020

I know so many conservatives who can’t stand his bullshit

TX Tornado The Thirsty Oriental ⋅ October 07, 2020

That gives me hope ❤

Two Hermits and a Cat October 07, 2020

I live in Idaho, so I feel your pain. I genuinely dread this election, whichever way it goes.

TX Tornado Two Hermits and a Cat ⋅ October 07, 2020

I saw a post describing Biden as a rebound boyfriend after getting out of an abusive relationship, and I can see it!

Jigger October 07, 2020

I’d love a good presidential funeral procession right about now.

TX Tornado Jigger ⋅ October 07, 2020


Lucretia October 08, 2020

I had no idea it was that bad! Or that anyone could still believe the guy was anything other than a racist asshole.

TX Tornado Lucretia ⋅ October 08, 2020

No joke. It makes me sick.

Jinn October 09, 2020

I am surrounded by Trumpers too and they are not all old :-(

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