In China, they tear down whole neighbourhoods in Morning Stream

  • Oct. 5, 2020, 12:52 p.m.
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It rains so I spend the weekend sitting about the old crab shack, binging on Netflix and ‘getting organized’. Animal Kingdom is a modern day Godfather. Tom Cruise is a nazi with with a conscience. I watch some other unmemorable movies late into the night and then in the morning wake up feeling retarded - the big grey boat not firing on all cylinders.
My father used to call it the idiot box.

On YouTube, I start following a young ginger who walks about with his little wife and points things out as he points the camera at them. Quirky. It is fun joining Youtubers so far into their journeys. He’s in a southern Chinese province, living in a 99th tier city, so he says.
Some of the scenes are pretty rough.
Others show a country so modern, with so much space, but not natural space, space that has been laid out, planned when they tore down all the 衚衕.
New Chinese cities don’t seem to have a ‘downtown’.

Today is a good day.
The sky is clear and the water is running.

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