Breakfast grill,long day,2 days off in ?

  • Oct. 2, 2020, 1:26 p.m.
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I slept till after 11:30 which is abnormal for me. My husband grilled eggs, onions and potatoes together. I went up the road to buy us energy drinks for me to buy 2 meat and cheese sticks. I tore the meat and cheese sticks into tiny pieces into the scramble and had that for breakfast. It didn’t taste the best buy it was ok. I am feeling a bit nauseated.

Last night I drove 45 minutes to Pipestem to pick up Dalton and her son Jack. Dalton was told she isn’t allowed to go to her uncles funeral from her disgruntal mother. Dalton cried and went home. Dalton and I are different because I would have told my mom I am grown I am going you can get over it.
I work 3-8 today so I have to run to work. After today I got 2 days off..I might go take pictures at the park tomorrow. I miss doing pictures.

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