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  • Oct. 2, 2020, 11:53 a.m.
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It seems I’m here daily now.

I’ve been busting my ass at work, super overwhelming but I THINK I’m at an okay point right now. There’s still stuff that needs to get done for me to be completely comfortable but… today is slower so it’s a good catch up day.

I received a friend request on FB from my brother (with the crazy wife). He’s been on FB for a while but said he never used it for friends, just for the marketplace. Even when I was friends with SIL, he never requested me. Now that she’s blocked, I get a request from him… at 9am when he should be at work. I don’t trust it. I know it’s her but I’ll still accept it.

Here’s real life stuff instead of wedding things:
Andy called his insurance agent to get my ring insured (it’s officially insured now!). She mentioned now that he’s living with me, I should make sure I have enough homeowners insurance to include his stuff is anything happened. I called my insurance guy and Andy has to be added onto my policy to include his stuff, but because he lives with me he also has to be added to my car insurance. I forgot that rule. Lol.
I talked to Andy that it would be smart to look into going together and bundling this stuff so we’d receive multi-car discounts and stuff. I talked to his agent, gave all my info and am wanting on a quote. I asked him today if he wanted to give my agent his info for a quote there and he just said no. Lol. CREATURE OF HABIT. This guy never wants to change anything. “I never had any problem” - yeah but you don’t know if you’re getting a good deal… until you get prices from multiple places. I know his place IS going to be better because I pay HIGH insurance rate and never had an accident (caused by me, at least.) and my last speeding ticket was 10 years ago. But whatever. We will see what his insurance place says for just me vs multi-car.

But now my insurance agent is like we need Andy’s license’s number and vin number and all his car info in order to add him to my homeowners. Why? If a tree falls on his car in my driveway… .that’s covered under my homeowners or his auto? Probably my homeowners because it’s my property, right? Although, I don’t have any trees so if my NEIGHBOR’S tree fell, would that go on his insurance or mine?
I suck at being an adult. Shouldn’t I know this? I’ve been a homeowner for 9 years. Lol.

Omg! I ordered a laptop. It’s ready for pick up today :)
GUYS I FINALLY HAVE A LAPTOP. I’ve only been crying that I wanted one for a few years now. It’s honestly nothing special. It’s just something I can browse the internet on. That’s all I wanted it for.

I need to stop spending money.
Between the laptop ordered last week, $150 on stupid cups, $100 on boots and .... Amazon orders this week. Ugh. Why. I need to SAVE FOR A WEDDING.

We’re having a Halloween party. Did I mention this?
We have his daughter and… usually for Halloween I’m used to going out every year. Not this year! Thanks COVID. It’s okay though because I’m kind of over all that. I bought two disco type lights… and more Halloween decor… and we’ll make Halloween theme’d snacks and do whatever you do at kid parties.

We might turn on the heat this weekend. It’s 48 degrees outside right now… and this weekend has a high of like 50, low of 37. I think it’s acceptable to turn on the heat. I always like to play this game of ‘HOW LONG CAN I LAST WITHOUT IT’ but then… why be uncomfortable in my own home? To save a little bit of money? Not worth it. I don’t even know what my energy bill has been lately. It just automatically comes out. Lol. I guess I should look into that. Ugh.

June $86
July $110
August $118
Sept $104

According to the Nest app- it’s 64 in my house right now. I usually start the heat out at 66 just to get the chill out of the air. Winter varies between 68-72… depending on how cold I am. Lol. I seem to be getting colder with old age because I think last winter my favorite number was 74. Hahaha.

Andy hates it of course because he’s a typical male furnace.

Under where my ring sits- it’s getting super dried out. It’s all red and ugly. I started applying jojoba oil last night. I think it doesn’t help that I don’t really dry my hands completely under the ring when I wash them so… water sits there. I guess I’ll have to be more attentive. It’s really irritating me at the moment.

alt text
Idk. It looks worse in person. The flash didn’t help show how red it is but my no flash hands are SO UGLY. I never realized how ugly my hands are until I started taking pics of this ring. Hahah.

Also. Bonus.
alt text

OK ANYWAY. I’m using this quiet time to go get extra work done.
After work I go pick up my laptop, go home to do laundry and have a quiet night. I kind of want to lock myself away in the bedroom and just walk a movie while I do laundry. Have some me-time. His daughter is coming over though. But he has to hop on his online game tonight to … do something, Idk. I’m thinking he can entertain her while I get my quiet night. Tomorrow will be busy busy! Two venues. A short, social distanced family birthday party for my niece (her mother is the crazy SIL..... so pray for me).

Hope you all have a good weekend <3

DE_mkately October 02, 2020

Oh no! Have you had metal allergies before? I do. :(

Empire of Lights DE_mkately ⋅ October 02, 2020

Not that I know! I hope not. Lol.

Catleesi October 02, 2020

Kitty! <3

I don't know why he's so resistant to getting insurance quotes. Every few years I rotate my insurance because the prices are cheaper at a different place. It's a win/win!

JustSurviveSomehow October 02, 2020

If a tree fell on his car in the driveway, that would come out of your comprehensive coverage under your auto insurance.

sedentary October 02, 2020

that happened to me too when I first got my ring.
I don't even think it has to do with your skin, it's just your finger getting used to something there all the time.
I was all worried about it but it went away on it's on - can't remember how long it took.

she shines October 02, 2020

I have terribly sensitive skin, and this happens under my wedding ring all the time. Especially if I wear it while cleaning. Vaseline helps. And I’m sure you don’t want to do this, but I end up having to take my ring off for a bit to let my finger get better. Sucks.

balancedmom October 04, 2020

My mom gets a rash like that under her wedding rings every winter. Like the above noter, she often has to keep them off to heal.

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