And you think, "What does this mean". in Connection Point.

  • Oct. 1, 2020, 11:35 p.m.
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I haven’t been doing well lately. I’m an introvert who hates the world so my life should be boomin right about now. I should be practically skipping down the street with a firearm in one hand, an edged weapon in the other, and a necklace made of human teeth around my neck, but for whatever reason I am reallyreallyreally just going through the daily motions. The bottom line I think I need to get out of my head and ignore a lot more crap. Let’s face it there is A LOT of crap out there now adays.

Please, no life affirming notes, and no hugs because that always end up with my ass getting groped.

Everyone take care.

Midorinokaeru October 03, 2020

I think I know what you mean. I too am an introvert and my expectiations have thus far not matched the reality of 2020. In general it pleases me a good deal more than the "old normal" did, though... wait, is that "life-affirming"? Ah no, I just Googled the phrase and I think I'm okay...

Small Town Girl October 05, 2020

An ass groping sounds good to me right about now. I think we are all feeling the weight of all the shit. I feel you.

Ferret Mom October 06, 2020

I think a lot of people are feeling this way right now.

KPink October 08, 2020

And you don't like the ass groping?!

Mr. Mofo KPink ⋅ October 08, 2020

Not much anymore....and if you down you can see Satan in the middle of a snowball fight and getting pelted by ice balls.

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