Pain in my side in Day to Day

  • Oct. 1, 2020, 3:04 p.m.
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I don’t know if I slept funny or pulled something or if it’s revenge of the Mexican food I had yesterday, but omg, my right side is cramping and aching and it sucks. It’s a really weird discomfort. I’m over it.

I went on a cleaning binge yesterday and got the kitchen looking awesome. I’ve been little by little deep-cleaning the house so when Halloween gets here it won’t be overwhelming, which included wiping down most of the cabinets and baseboards in the kitchen yesterday. I did a couple loads of laundry and started the process of spray painting my cemetery gates and headstones. I can’t wait to put them up! I may try to finish them today.

Ugh, today’s agenda was supposed to be packed.... Spanish quiz, which means a bunch of assignments first, post office, grocery shopping and dollar store for more spider webbing, painting.. I’ve managed post office and grocery shopping so far. Ugh. I might get all my Spanish assignments done, but otherwise… probably not. My side is acting all weird.

Differential diagnoses… Let’s hope it’s not ectopic pregnancy, kidney stones, or appendicitis. 😫

Upside, I found Diet Dr Pepper and Cream! Now I’m going to go drink a ton of water and do Spanish homework....


shneaker October 01, 2020

I’m surprised people are still doing Halloween. My niece who is so gung-ho has decided she’s not doing it this year citing COVID. Is Dr Pepper and cream a pop or a concoction?

TX Tornado shneaker ⋅ October 01, 2020

LOL it's a flavor variant of Dr Pepper, one that I'm quite fond of. I love Halloween, so I'm decorating like crazy, but it's pretty iffy on whether we'll trick-or-treat. I'm planning a fun night for my kiddo at home.

Mamie October 01, 2020

feel better soon

TX Tornado Mamie ⋅ October 01, 2020

Thanks ❤

Jinn October 01, 2020

They are not doing Halloween here . It’s sad but it’s not safe .

Lucretia October 04, 2020

Ooh I wanna see your decorations when they're done.

You're really acing the Spanish x

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