Pardon me while I butter my nose... in Day to Day

  • Sept. 29, 2020, 9:34 p.m.
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Omg. Oww. I have jalapeño popper chicken casserole in the oven, which of course required dicing jalapeños. I washed my hands twice and used the metal soap bar. Without thinking, I rubbed my nose.... And of course it started to burn. 🔥 I tried milk, but it didn’t help unless held in place, so I tried swabbing butter on the burn, and that seems to have done the trick. I’ve washed my hands again but my hands still have the oil on them… Ick. My fingertips burn.

Did a Spanish test today and got a 98.5, yay! But I’ve been pretty crabby in general. I can’t find Diet Dr Pepper & Cream, Diet Dr Pepper Cherry, or Cherry or Cherry Vanilla Coke Zero, thank you aluminum shortage. 😒😒😒 I made some shirts last night but biffed them pretty bad. 🤦 So I’ll probably break even on them having to remake them, but I’ll live. It’s for a friend, so it’s alright. Lesson learned about a few things in Silhouette!

Woo. Those jalapeños have kick, even seeded. Casserole came out ok! It’s a keto recipe, but damn it would be good over some pasta.. 😂

Life goes. I am not enamored with the new router, but Thomas is happy, go figure. On Thursday my scale moratorium ends and I have to start tracking. I really need to replace my crappy scale that will give or take 10lbs. 🙄 To Amazon!


Jigger September 29, 2020

Whenever I peel green chile, I soak my hands in a plate of milk afterwards. I wonder if you could dab sour cream on your face. That might be better for your skin.

TX Tornado Jigger ⋅ October 01, 2020

I ended up having to remove my fake nails to get rid of it altogether.

Jigger TX Tornado ⋅ October 01, 2020


TX Tornado Jigger ⋅ October 01, 2020

Eh, no worries, I have so many Halloween nails to get through... 🤣

Jinn October 01, 2020

I love chili peppers and I raise them so I am always really careful about handling them. I put on gloves :-)

Lucretia October 04, 2020

Ouch! That doesn't sound good. There's worse places you could have scratched so... bright sides?

TX Tornado Lucretia ⋅ October 04, 2020

LOL no kidding!

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