Demonic illness, so many roaches!, my phobia in ?

  • Sept. 26, 2020, 7:52 p.m.
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My sister in law informed me where I used a Ouija board in my old house over 5 years ago she now lives in that demons are attacking her and the demons gave her h pylori. I told her it is call disease for a reason not a possession. She said she is going to see her minister to be blessed I suggested antibiotics from her doctor first.

I told her living in cockroaches and abusing your body with drugs and partying for years eventually catches up.. Not all illness is demonic. Did I mention she went from worshiping Lillith to Catholic this summer after the poor thing died from heart attacks twice this summer she said she wishes they never resuscitated her . She just looking for anyone to blame but herself

Dumb shit like this why I avoid family.. Thinking isn’t illegal yet.. Why don’t they try it?

Tom tried to give me Lesa’s occult things. Cockroaches were climbing all over it. Tom demanded me to take it.. He doesn’t understand I have a phobia of roaches! My sister in law is very ill wanted me to take her items I tossed it in my husbands wrecked car. It is easier to bomb for roaches in a car than carry their infestation home. I am trying to honor my sick sister in laws wishes without having to call orkin man for my house!

I have a phobia of roaches because when I was a kid I was helping dad tear an old house down to hear a loud noise in my ear. I had a creepy crawly feeling in my ear. Dad looked in my ear took a pair of tweezers and pulled a roach out. I was eleven years old. That experience gave me an irrational fear. Now I refuse to go to anyone house that has roaches because I get so grossed out! I told mom I will burn a house down before I live with a roach. I just can’t! This is why I can’t be an exterminator professionally for a living no matter how much they pay me.

My mom caught me in the driveway. I told her I am so damn grossed out I am washing clothes, taking a bath and I am going to try to calm my nerves. She demanded to know why isn’t my phone on.I told her if it is between an activated phone or food I choose food! Mom tried to give me a phone. I told her I rather be without a phone than reminded I owe her money over a damn phone bill.

I picked up my husband from his work. I told him what happened. We took off my clothes they went in the washer and he washed my hair trying to comfort me in the shower. He pointed out that I got so stressed I pulled my hair till I went bald a little on top. I am really bad for doing that when stress is to much. I am trying to stop that habit. My stress is getting the best of me.

I have to work at 10 in the morning. My hair needs dried and my clothes need dried. My black cat Ziggy is laying on my arm happily bathing.. He is reaching out to comfort me. Why does a cat know kindness better than humans?

I hope my chest stops hurting so i can sleep. Idk why I allow myself to get so worked up over stupid crap I swear

Last updated September 27, 2020

DreamsofJ September 26, 2020

I don't do roaches either.. they scare me

Oh so your sil made it? Idk why I thought she passed.

Im with you I hate owing anyone money

Kristi1971 September 28, 2020

"Thinking isn’t illegal yet.. Why don’t they try it?" - I love that. That's good.

I also hate owing money, so I totally get where you are coming from. Plus your mom seems to really enjoy holding anything like that over your head in a position for control. Eeks. Good job.

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