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  • Sept. 26, 2020, 10:42 a.m.
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I made 5 marijuana masks for Coalfield Cannibus to help them.The dispensary is going to love the masks. I made 2 marijuana masks for Michael and his friend. I made 1 marijuana mask for Vada a girl I work with at Joann Crafts. I was asked by my cousin. Carolyn to make her 2. Funny thing is I don’t smoke marijuana. I seldomly do cbd for pms and for when something gets on my nerves. I gave everything but 2 masks away. My cousin Carolyn paid $5 to make her 2 masks. I obviously don’t sew for profit. I sew for experience. The more a sew the better my masks get. When I get good enough I will start my etsy shop.

Yesterday I went to Treasure Bins I found 25 yards of elastic for $5. I bought 2 happily.50 yards of elastic $10 is a good deal. I also bought very large container of paper plates and Once Upon A Time the tv series. I saw some books I wanted to read. I stop myself because I didn’t read the last ones I bought. I am going wait till quarter day and see if there is any elastic left that I can buy. As much as I sew it will help me save tons.

My mom is furious with me because I decided not to pay my phone bill. No one can call me. I love mom but she wouldn’t give me a moment of peace so I decided keep my phone off a little longer to focus on my sanity. I kept telling her I wanted to sew for my etsy shop for months she harassed me going as far threatening to take the shop I was going put my products in. She threatened to take the money because She says I owe her. She nagged and harassed till I decided to just not turn my phone on for some peace. She calls work demanding to know when I work. My boss said I have the right to my privacy. My mom told Kathy I have no privacy that she is my mother.

My mom is furious because I give almost all my masks away. I paid for the materials. It is my time. Why not do what I want? She screams I owe her money. I agree I do but harassing me doesn’t get debts paid.

My cousin Carolyn is going to Minnesota to visit her mom she said she plans to get high and have fun. I told her with currently going through a divorce it isn’t suggested to have marijuana in her system. If they drug test her they might take her son. She said as long as she gets high in a legal state and brings receipts home no one can say anything. I gave up. She won’t listen. I told her enjoy her trip. She only met up with me because I made 2 skull masks for her and her boyfriend. She is going down a bad path but it is her choice if she fixed her life or not.

I work 3-8 today. After I get some food I might read my book on Steven Hawking until time to go in. Obviously my life isn’t wild or interesting. I just need peace.

Beret September 26, 2020

Seems to me a phone is a necessary and useful thing to have. Why not just turn it off when you don't want to be bothered? Or not answer when your mom calls and let it go to voicemail. Then you can deal with her on your own terms.

leftwingheartbreak September 26, 2020 (edited September 26, 2020)


I live in Minnesota and we're not yet a 100% legal state, and receipts won't prove anything other than when and where something was purchased - nothing about when and where something was ingested.

Also, I'm sorry your mother is being terrible and harassing you.

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