Sleepless in... Houston? in Day to Day

  • Sept. 25, 2020, 2:21 a.m.
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I had caffeine and sugar and now it’s 1am and I’m AWAKE! I’d rather not be.. I have 2 pest control services coming out tomorrow to check out the creepy crawlies I found in my garden that I’m 99.9% sure are termites. 🤢 Nasty ass bugs… Glad I saw them, though! As with the drain incident, it was right place, right time. We had a home inspection when we bought our house in 2017, so I’m not super worried about structural damage, but I’d rather not risk it happening.

After the last entry, I also put up 3 strings of lights and now my front porch is magical at night. I love this season! I can’t wait to put up the graveyard and fence and giant spider and maybe a hanging body wrapped in web.... All of this is DIY. Good thing I’m a quick student and can keep up with 3 accelerated classes! (JK, they are really super easy courses.)

So we did buy the car. It was a very easy process, very cool people, and I do like it. It’s not actually the size of a tank, it’ll just take getting used to. It’s very pretty with lots of neat features. We both like it and hope to pay it off quick. 🤞

After getting home and getting Nathan to bed, I took a nerve-wracking Spanish quiz (I can read Spanish, but omg I cannot interpret Spanish,) then got a one-page discussion post up. (The Greeks were seriously all about the D, right?!) I still have a couple quizzes and another hellish set of essay questions for History, but it’s not due until Sunday and I will make it.

Ok, time to try to sleep.


Lucretia September 26, 2020

The Greeks were totally all about the D! Lol

Jinn October 01, 2020

Hope you got your zzzzz!

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