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I keep writing shit and posting it private. Which I guess is a step up from my quarantine style of “write half a thing, leave it open for days, suddenly rediscover what I wrote and delete it cos it’s boring.”

I guess.

But like, idk man. Haha. WHAT IS THERE TO SAY.

Here are things that happened/are happening:

  • I got a Ring Fit.

  • Ring Fit is kicking my entire ass.

  • I’m helping Zelda and Zardoz move tomorrow, at which point the soreness from yesterday’s workout will have hit in full, which means I will be an absolute mess on Friday.

  • I’m doing better at work this week, but not good enough.

  • Pretty sure Bombshell is pissed at me and I don’t… know why?

  • I thought I knew how to handle her moods but I seem to have failed this time, as she’s not responding to me and continues to respond to the group work chat.

  • AirBnB in a little over a week. Just knowing it’s coming is making shit easier to deal with.


Listening to a state healthcare conference right now and I’m incredibly bored.

Earlier I was watching a documentary about a basketball coach OH HEY I WATCHED 20 MINUTES OF A BASKETBALL GAME LAST NIGHT LOL.

So, Boss and Bombshell have had long discussions about the difference between the NFL and NBA. Basically that the NFL sucks way the fuck more, and the NBA is more progressive and treat their team members better–partially due to more progressive owners, and partially the team structure. (Basically, football players are more expendable due to the nature of the game, so NBA players have a lot more agency over their contracts.)

He certainly wasn’t arguing that the NBA is perfect, but better than the NFL, which is… an aggressively low bar.

Anyway this was all very interesting to me. And btw, this is me recounting a conversation with my boss from two months ago, so if you take issue with his opinion BEAR IN MIND I DON’T HAVE AN OPINION OF MY OWN BECAUSE I HAVE DONE ZERO INDEPENDENT RESEARCH.

Okay that’s not entirely true. Boss has spent his entire-ass life obsessed with basketball (and a pretty big football fan) and considering how knowledgeable/balanced he is when it comes to his work expertise, I’m inclined to trust his take on this. But I also know that people have a lot of Feelings about Sports and it makes me nervous to say anything about them, whether it’s my opinion or someone else’s.

Aaaaaaaanyhoo. I liked basketball as a kid and wanted to learn more about it but no one would watch it with me so I never really did. Like, my dad told me he liked basketball–that it was more fun to watch than football, even though it wasn’t as good of a game because there were too many points? (LOL LITERALLY WHAT.)

But he wouldn’t actually watch it WITH me, he just told me to watch it if I want to lol. And I tried once or twice, then gave up because I didn’t really understand what was happening.

Also in third grade, I spent several lonely months of recess throwing a basketball on my own because I had no friends. I really liked it despite being short and weak, and I wanted to learn how the Actual Game was played but uhhh… no friends lol. And the next year I was pulled out of school entirely, thus losing access to basketball courts, so I obviously did not pursue that interest any further.


Since my dad actually occasionally watched football and I could be in the room for that, I tried to like football instead.

I did not succeed. And I’m kind of okay with that. If I’d succeeded, I would have yet another moral dilemma to deal with as an adult and I DON’T WANT ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE RIGHT NOW.

So yeah, then I heard about the NBA strike and the agreement to use arenas as voting sites, I was like FUCK. YES. And told Boss I want to watch basketball now.

HE TOOK IT SERIOUS WHICH I DIDN’T EXPECT BECAUSE HE TAKES NOTHING SERIOUSLY. He offered to virtually watch a game with me. And he gave me the login to one of his Sports Streaming Services last night, and I caught the end of “The Game” and was like “oh right I think I enjoy basketball.” Haha.

That’s… about as far as my brain went, because I honestly don’t understand much of what’s happening other than “ball in basket good, run without bouncing bad” and “that person pushed the other person, that is bad, now other team gets to throw a ball at basket”

I am very intelligent.

Oh also, “that guy has bright green shoes I like him.”

I asked Boss if I should assume he’s an asshole for wearing fluorescent shoes. “No, he’s Canadian.” Fair shake.

The team I have now been supporting for nearly 12 hours (or 20+years depending on how you see it) won The Game and it was Enjoyable to Watch.

This is the closest I’ve ever come to trying a Sport Hobby, please wish me all the luck and also that I not encounter any men at all (other than Boss) during this ~JoUrNeY~ because in my experience they all become dump trucks of condescension as soon as a woman mentions a Sport without already being a complete expert on the subject.

Also if you know a good way to learn about a Sport that doesn’t involve being condescended to, please let me know! IS THERE A… YOUTUBE SERIES? AN ONLINE CLASS? ON HOW BASKETBALL WORKS? Hahahahaha fuck I am garbage.

Okay bye

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Gangleri September 23, 2020


One Angry Dwarf Gangleri ⋅ September 23, 2020

hmmm, more sticks in this sport than i remember

girl in recession September 23, 2020

ha! I love this. Personally, I'd recommend Bomani Jones' podcast The Right Time. He mixes in a lot of social stuff with sports and his parents were both civil rights leaders their whole careers, but hes a sports journalist basically, but you dont really have to know a hell of a lot about sports to get a lot out of his podcast. Personally I probably understand 10% of what he talks about in the sports area, but I learn so fucking much because he intertwines it with just....regular life. Some of my favorite conversations are him and Domonique Foxworth who is an ex football player and a fascinating human being.

rhizome September 23, 2020

it wasn’t as good of a game because there were too many points

literally, as a basketball cheerleader, i absolutely have to agree with your dad on this point. well, not the excess points makes for a bad game, but that it calls for a lot of high kicks and yelling, which becomes pretty tiresome on day 3 of basketball tournament time.

borsketball is basically fine, hope you enjoy your fandom experience <3

One Angry Dwarf rhizome ⋅ September 23, 2020

Omg, I've never thought about this from the perspective of cheerleaders. Like omg please stop scoring I am tired of kicking??? I can't fully remember my dad's reason but (shockingly) I doubt it had anything to do with feeling empathy for the group of majority-women also performing a sport. BUT MAYBE I'VE MISJUDGED HIM ALL ALONG LOLLLOLOLOLLOL.

Do you ever watch borskingball now that you are no longer required to perform challenging physical maneuvers every time they do a good balling?

rhizome One Angry Dwarf ⋅ September 23, 2020

if your dad ever felt empathy for a woman, i would fall backwards out of my chair in shock.

i work literally across the street from a borskngngblal arena, but i never watch or attend games. i had planned to venture inside at one point, but for one reason and one reason only: LIVE TOOL SHOW
wow yes that is so much cooler than throwing blals at a tall circle

Jigger September 23, 2020

My friend RedK was a professional basket player for like 20 years, all over the world, and I still have a really, really hard time caring about basketball. I like roller derby, and bull riding. It may be an attention span issue.

dickson. September 24, 2020

even though it wasn’t as good of a game because there were too many points? (LOL LITERALLY WHAT.)

I actually completely agree with your dad. I find it wildly difficult to give a shit/pay attention to the game in the first three quarters because of how many goddamn points there are. It's one of those sports where the last like, 10 minutes, is the most important part of the game and therefore the only time to catch it.

One Angry Dwarf dickson. ⋅ September 24, 2020 (edited September 24, 2020)


Oh shit that's a totally fair point. And probably his reasoning too. I think that's why I like it tho. Like it can always turn around, which keeps me interested. But then yeah, the pattern recognition chunk of my brain will probably eventually figure out there's no reason to engage in the first 3 quarters and I won't still be ENTHRALLED, lol.

Yours For Now... September 25, 2020

I have not heard of the Ring Fit, I am intrigued.

One Angry Dwarf Yours For Now... ⋅ September 25, 2020

Do you have a Switch? I seem to remember you mentioning Animal Crossing recently. Ring Fit is a switch game that comes with a ring you hold and a band you strap to your leg so it can track movement. It uses an (admittedly shitty, at least in plot) RPG adventure to get you to do certain physical tasks.

There's also the non-adventure mode with targeted workouts which I haven't played with yet, but the adventure mode is surprisingly fun. I didn't think FIGHTING A CROSSIFT MONSTER or whatever the fuck he is was gonna motivate me enough, but it's gamified enough to work on me anyway.


Yours For Now... One Angry Dwarf ⋅ September 25, 2020

I DO have a Switch and will beat anyone at Mario Kart 8. I just got Animal Crossing for my birthday!
The Ring Fit sounds good! I might have to look into that as it gets colder. My gym reopened but NOOOOPE.

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