Mom takes etsy, takes money, no right to try in ?

  • Sept. 22, 2020, 9:40 p.m.
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My mom has almost made me gave up my quest in mask making. I haven’t even posted even one on etsy yet and I already want to throw materials and all in the trash. She obsessed she wants me to make her the masks for her to sell. She wants me to teach her to make masks. I use sewing as a peaceful escape from life mom bullies me how I owe her money and how she should take all I earn away from me. I picked fabric at Ben Franklin for her to claim it all as hers. She got furious when I told her to pay and sew it her damn self I am done. Do it herself.

I simply went there to look for adjustable elastic. She went on and on how she is retired that I would be nothing without her. She is retired and looking for a side hustle. Later on during the day without filling out an application she announced she had a job at a gambling hall. I told her good for her and ignored her. Her behavior got worse later in the night.

I want a cricut. I told her I plan to make and sell masks to afford it. She said she wanted to buy the cricut so I will owe her another debt to force me in business with her. She demanded me to sew her masks.

She had me run her chores. I didn’t get any sewing again. We went to Teasure Bins for her to spend $80 to say oh well it is only money. She was flexing bragging all she could buy. She paid for my things to show off said I owed her money. I told her it is my day off. I am playing taxi instead doing what i want. She bought some items and gave them to me. In these items there was a $2 smart watch with no charger and a few books. I gave her a mask I made to stop her from stealing a clients masks that was in my car that I made. She keeps taking my damn masks before I can even give them to who bought them.

So my brother refuse to pay his power bill all summer so they turned off his power. Now him and Lesa are stealing power from moms house with an extension cord. I told him I paid my power all summer what is his excuse? He said he didn’t see the bill yet I saw the bill at his house. He just isn’t man enough to admit to his wife he struggle to pay the bills alone because she wants to stay home and behave like a 1950s housewife. Bills are to high to be a 1 person working household. Tom is miserable.. When my husband tried to make excuses to stay home like Lesa I told him leave me paying bills alone I will divorce his ass!

I hope to afford my cricut soon. I got to go sew more to put in my etsy shop..idgaf what mom says I am not sharing my etsy shop for her to take the money. Just one in this pitiful life I want to earn sometime by myself. I am tired mom showing me what a piece of shit I am because I can’t afford shopping sprees like her!
I am going go sew a few masks and forget this day.. The morning might be good for something.

Kristi1971 September 23, 2020

No, you are not sharing the shop. It's probably against their rules anyway. But - this is your thing. This is your side hustle dream. She can't make you give up your dream. Only you can allow her to mess with your dream. Any dream of yours is completely yours. No one can make you give up a dream or mess with your dream unless you allow it. You control this situation. No one else. Don't allow anyone to mess with your dream. It's yours. Big Hugs.

I know you have to deal with her manipulation. That really sucks. I know it's very true and real. However, she cannot manipulate this, because it's all yours. Hang in there. If you have to, keep your masks hidden until they are delivered. Whatever it takes. Your agreement to repay her does not include taking masks you make for customers. That would be stealing. Hugs.

Anaiss September 23, 2020

What Kristi said!

Silver Satan September 26, 2020

Your mother sounds exhausting! hugs I hope you keep your shop, and your peace of mind. Cheering you on

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