Freezing, tired, cant sleep but sewing in ?

  • Sept. 21, 2020, 5:46 a.m.
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So here it is 5:33 am. I am petting my black cat Ziggy. My husband refuses to allow me turn on a heater because he uses a fan to sleep. It is currently 43 degrees Fahrenheit and he is sleeping without a shirt. I am wearing a very warm nightgown over my pajamas but I am still cold. He said to use him for warmth he won’t turn on the heater. He was upset when I made him close the window. I wish I had another bed in my storage room so I had somewhere warm to sleep. When I know he is in a deep sleep I plan to turn off this damn fan.

Due to my lack of sleep I made 2 face covering for my etsy store I plan to start. One covering is Frozen and the second one is Toy Story. I need to make 10 items to start the etsy store. I am will continue to sew until I have enough. I hope someday my talents can be enough. I spend more money on supplies than I ever earn back. I just don’t know how to price things.

I need to go to Ben Franklin on my day off and buy some adjustable elastic. I am getting low on elastic. I might check if it is cheaper on Amazon. I have enough fabric to last me a while but I still might get some WVU fabric to turn into masks. I bet that would sell well.

I am so tired..I hope my insomnia goes away soon. Rest for me is far and few in between.

Kristi1971 September 21, 2020

Go to Etsy (since that is where you plan to sell, I assume) and research what they masks are going for there. Make note of all the prices out there and of course the costs of your materials.

Evelyn September 21, 2020

The only masks that work are the N95s so unless you have N95 material, there's no point in wearing or making masks. They don't say it in the media, but I've heard it from paramedics and nurses that have dealt with Covid, for real. All these face coverings and surgeon masks everyone wears are useless.

Deleted user Evelyn ⋅ September 21, 2020


leftwingheartbreak September 21, 2020

i can see why you're not sleeping!! that is way too cold to get comfortable enough to fall asleep.

good luck with your Etsy business!

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