The bet that caused my beginning mask business in ?

  • Sept. 19, 2020, 7:03 a.m.
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My husband knew I wanted to get motivated to start sewing and he challenged me. I want to remodel the storage room into a room to sew in. Right now I have no table I am sewing off of a chair. He told me if I sell $50 in masks he will help me remodel the storage room with shelves table and storage. So far I have sold $20 in masks to a cousin and a friend. I could just remodel the room by myself but I am doing this for myself and my husband to prove a point. My husband is starting to get nervous how many of my friends are interested.

Some of my friends offered me $50 just to irritate my husband but I want to win this bet fair and square. Michael my friend who is a Satanist wants me to make a black mask and put a satanic pentagram on it. It depends the price of the patch how much he will pay for his mask. A friend of his I just met wants me to find marijuana fabric on it with the words “I am the motherf-ker” on it. I censored it for fear it might offend. Apparently it is from the movie Superbad. I am not here to judge I am here to sew! If I can find the materials I will make them their masks. My main goals are to help others but also win this bet.

So far I have only sold to friends and family but my husband wants me to create a public page. I don’t know how to feel about that.

My mom and I went shopping yesterday. Wal-Mart is clearancing out fabric. I got more fabric for masks. I got several black shirts a dollar piece. Mom wants to start sewing masks. I told her you don’t make much money. She doesn’t care because she is retired it gives her something to do. I told her my next day off we will go to Ben Franklin to get her adjustable elastic.

I am thinking of making chains to attach to masks so people wont drop their masks and make some extenders so their ears won’t get raw from the elastic. I might sew buttons on headbands so they can attach their elastic there.

My boss Rob is allergic to latex. The elastic rubbed his ears creating 2 cysts that resulted in sepsis. He had to get the cysts removed from behind his ears and is now using Velcro to hold the elastic off of his ears. I am so glad Rob is now doing better!

I wish I could say my life is interesting but it isn’t. I cut fabric at Joann Crafts during the day create masks during the night. I hope someday to earn enough money to buy a self cleaning litter box for my kitties.

I need to finish these 2 masks for my cousin. I got to find an inverted pentagram for Michael’s satanic masks and on my next day off I will visit Ben Franklin to see if they have that guys marijuana fabric. I don’t allow my personal beliefs interfere with my beginning side business because I rather make money than worry politics. If I can make it to $50 I will have my nice sewing room. I can’t wait.

Flame is Love September 19, 2020

The loops in potholder looms make amazing ear loops that rub a lot less than elastic.

Lunchbox September 19, 2020

If you ever do make a public page to sell masks, I'm interested.

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