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  • Sept. 14, 2020, 11:50 p.m.
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So. It’s been an unintentionally-productive day.

This morning (pre-9am) I saw one of my neighbor’s hummingbirds do a fly-by on my porch and it made me fish out my feeders from where they were stashed on my front porch. I was just going to give them a good scrub, but one was rusty so I looked under my sink for a steel scrubber… And discovered my sink was leaking. A lot. 🤦 So I dig everything out and ascertain where the leak was located and proceed to take apart my kitchen sink drain. With drain in hand and Nathan alongside, we trekked to Lowes thinking it needed a new gasket. Talked to a guy who said it just needed to be reinstalled (he wasn’t wrong, but he wasn’t totally right.) So I grabbed some silicone sealant and (I HAVE MY FIRST HUMMINGBIRD OMG YAY!!) some hangers for my bird feeders and stopped at Wal-Mart for Halloween lights. I love them and they’re going up soon!

We went home and I cut a new anti-friction (aka cardboard) gasket and reinstalled the whole mess with silicone sealant, waited for it to dry, and ta da! Leak is gone! I measured, predrilled, and installed my pretty scrollwork hangers for my feeders (and in the process bent a screw and hit myself in the face with a screw…) My hummingbird food mix was hidden and took forever for me to hunt down, but I finally got it and mixed up some noms for the little warriors. (Seriously, they are feisty!) My feeders are pretty, though I’m going to have to fix one. The base is cracked, and it sucks because it’s a pretty glass feeder, but Thomas thinks some food-safe silicone should seal it up.

Oh, and we had a huge doe in the backyard earlier, and two good-sized fawns just past our 3-foot fence. I bought a suet-style feeder to put fresh fruit on for the migrating birds that don’t like seed, and I think they were after the tangerines. 😂 I also had mixed a bunch of bacon fat with birdseed and put it on the back fence and they seemed to like that. I might need to get some deer corn and start enticing them up to the fence. I love seeing them.

The hummers have definitely discovered my feeders! One just flew right over my head… Sounded like a tiny chopper! 😄 I love them. It’s like having fairies in my yard!

The deer are back! They’re just behind my back fence! This day is freaking magical!


And more! I removed my old set and put on a new set of nails (bless press-ons for being so cheap!) Bug and I painted some wood cutouts I bought at the dollar store, and then he painted a canvas of a graveyard and zombies. It’s pretty abstract, but that’s totally my kid! I made zucchini boats for dinner, did the dishes, and cleaned the rest of the kitchen. I’m wiped from a little bit of a busy day, but it was a great day! I’m pretty happy. ❤

Last updated September 15, 2020

Lucretia September 15, 2020

Your day sounds AMAZING! I'm in love with all the nature you have around you. And I'm super impressed at your sink fixing skills x

TX Tornado Lucretia ⋅ September 15, 2020

I love living in the country! I'm all about the critters ❤

Jinn September 16, 2020

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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