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  • Sept. 12, 2020, 5:54 a.m.
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My wake-up time was 3am. I am doing much better. It is 6:45am in my corner of the world. I have moved through my morning routine, aside from taking my shower. I will do that after I rest for a few minutes. I completed all of the “usual” morning tasks. I moved around some of my knick-knacks. I had bought an antique teapot, from a friend, the other day for $25.00, and decided to put it in my curio cabinet, in which I have all of my other cherished items.
Several weeks ago, I promised a friend in the building that I would bake them a batch of peanut butter cookies. Today is the day, for that. I cannot put it off any longer. I am talking about the homemade three-ingredient cookies, not from a mix. A promise is a promise. I to live up to my promises, for unfulfilled promises put a dent in one’s credibility. At least that is my philosophy. I actually like to bake. This will be my “Saturday Fun”. And my prayer is that all of you have a wonderful and happy weekend. Bye for now! :)

Mamie September 12, 2020

happy weekend to you too

chocolatechip Mamie ⋅ September 12, 2020

Thank you. :)

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