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  • Sept. 11, 2020, 9:02 p.m.
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Ugh. Remind me that school isn’t supposed to be easy and my Spanish class being a breeze will make up for the fact that my history class IS A BITCH. Omg. I spent HOURS watching documentaries and reading an article in tiny font with way too many citations to answer SIX questions that took up 2 entire typed pages to answer, and I have another round due on Sunday. OMG.

But my Spanish class is a breeze, yay. I’m getting a little better organized with my assignments (the first week or so was thrown out of whack by the hurricane.) I’m caught up for the day, but I have things pending to work on so maybe I won’t have to spend my weekend glued to my computer. What a dream. Hopefully the history assignment is kind of what the professor was looking for? We’ll see.

Nathan has been a ridiculous pain in my ass today, no thanks to my assignment I had to focus on. To do for the rest of today.... probably watch the next documentary and try to read another long and tedious article/essay, and maybe get my art quiz and review done. I know I have a test coming up.

Doing good with my eating today. Dinner is ham and bean soup cuz I’m lazy and trying to burn through some pantry supplies. There’s a crazy aerial ballet going on next door… I can hear several hummingbirds cussing at each other in their cute, twittery lingo. They are surprisingly loud birds for being so tiny! I might go clean my feeders and hang them up, see if they come over.


Lucretia September 12, 2020

Not a bad balance, one easy, one tough! Better than two double hard bastards.

Jinn September 16, 2020

The Hummers are getting ready to migrate from here. They buzz me when I am outside to let me know if the feeder is low. Cheeky little guys. It’s disconcerting when they get right in my face :-)
Good for you for keeping up with your classes !

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