Marijuana laced, are you sure you are not dead? in ?

  • Sept. 11, 2020, 12:45 p.m.
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My husband was given marijuana by a girl I gave a car ride to She gave me $2 for driving her home. I wasn’t worried about it because I was on my way home from Talan’s personal trainers house anyway. My sewing machine was in the trunk safe because I made masks for the personal trainers family. I was looking forward to going to sleep.

About 1:45 in the morning my husband shook me saying I needed to go pee. Me being asleep I asked him if I did. He said yes so I went to the bathroom and proceeded to go back to sleep. A little while after Talan caught me asleep shook me asking me if I am dead. I told him yes now let me sleep! He said he feared I was sick and what if I died.. I told him if I am dead he can’t disturb my sleep! Please let me sleep.

The marijuana he was given was laced. He panicked screaming people were coming to get him. I told him I certainly hope so! He asked me why and I told him if they take him away I will be able to freaking sleep! He closed the window barricaded the doors. He sat on the bed telling me I need to buy more guns.. I asked him why? To shoot his ass with when he won’t let me sleep? My husband asked me to check the barricades on the door.. He freaking blocked a door with 2 buckets of 35 pound cat litter. Wow he really was on drugs! He really thought we were

Every time I fell asleep he checked if I died. He told me I was sick. He would wake me up to ask if I was tired.. Yes I am tired of his shit. He kept checking my pulse and at one time cried asking if I am dead cause he was so high he couldn’t find my pulse. I helped him find my pulse told him see I am alive let me sleep! He told me he loved me and couldn’t imagine living without me. I told him lets wait till he is sober and I get some sleep we will try this sentimental moment again!

He swore he was going frush the rest. I don’t know if he did because I went to sleep.

Today at Bargain Bins. I found Sugar bear sleep vitamins. At Bargain Bins they were $5 on Amazon they are $33. I hope with the help of these vitamins I hope I can sleep tonight. Hopefully he won’t dip into the stash of laced marijuana anymore.

Last updated September 11, 2020

Just Some Girl September 11, 2020

laced with... what?
sounds to me like he just used too much.

Mamie September 11, 2020

I've smoked a lot of weed and never acted like that because of it. I do wonder what the hell it was laced with

Not So Mighty Porg September 11, 2020

Could have been acid maybe. But I don't know if you can actually lace pot with that.
I did lsd a few times and the last time my boyfriend woke up to no blankets and I was curled up in a ball under every blanket he had while watching YouTube. It was a bad time. I had the worst anxiety attack ever.

Purple Dawn September 11, 2020

What? That had to have something else in it. I've never heard of weed doing that on its own. Take care,

Kristi1971 September 12, 2020

Sounds like acid in some way.

Foofah September 12, 2020

I used to smoke as a teenager just fine but when I tried it again recently it caused me to become really paranoid. It wasn't laced with anything, the strains have just changed so much since I was a teenager and they are so much stronger now. I literally thought I was having a stroke and dying when I smoked it recently...

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