Should i charge for facemasks? in ?

  • Sept. 11, 2020, 12:10 a.m.
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My husband went to go exercise with his personal trainer Jared. While Talan was exercising I decided to make masks for Jared, Dalton, Walt and Jack as a thank you present. Walt’s mask was skull and crossbones mask.Since he is in middle school I wanted to be sure it was up to his approval. Dalton’s mask had skull and roses on one side tie dye on the other. My sewing machine stitches were off so hers wasn’t made the best. I decided since Jared is helping Talan I made him a mask with tattoo images on one side and flames on the other. Dalton’s and Jared 3 year old child I am making him match box cars on one side and flames on the other. I plan to finish Jack’s mask before I go to work tomorrow. I gave all these masks as gifts before I felt like they been so nice to us I need to do something in return.

I just got an email that Dalton’s mother wants a masks too. On facebook Carrie a girl I graduated from high school with ask me how much I charge. It feels weird to hear that because I have gave everything I have ever made away. Should I charge? Sewing for me is very calming.

I been debating whether we will have a covid Christmas. Should I make my family holiday masks? I know I want to start sewing Christmas stockings for my family.

I never felt talented enough to charge for my work. I just enjoy sewing.

DreamsofJ September 11, 2020

Yes charge something. Even if it just covers your material. I would say 5 bucks

SilentEcho September 11, 2020

Yup, I'd charge. You enjoy it but if you get orders it takes away from other things you could be doing but it also costs you something to make them.

Kristi1971 September 12, 2020

Yes, as others have said - just enough to cover your materials at least. Hugs. Now that you are being asked to make, yes. Sure!

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