Thursday Pt 2 & 3 in Day to Day

  • Sept. 10, 2020, 11:55 p.m.
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I was actually productive today! So proud of myself. I cleaned my kitchen and kept it that way. I even cleaned it up after dinner. All of my dishes are either clean and put away or in the dishwasher waiting for a full load. All of my counters AND my stovetop are sparkling. My sink is empty. It’s a miracle. I also finished a handful of Spanish assignments and a quiz, wrote a discussion post for art history, and at least started on a written assignment for history. I will NOT fall behind this week! Now I am in super need of a shower. Deuces.


And more… Laying in bed willing my heartbeat to chill the fuck out. It’s jumpy, just enough that I’m uncomfortably aware of it. I think it’s anxiety, which is dumb because I’m not working, which means I’m only responsible for a 4-year-old and the entire state of my house and 3 classes and my household financial planning and I’m supposed to be on a diet and exercising and okay I see it now.

Anyone else have workout anxiety? It’s ridiculous, but apparently it’s a thing. I’m going to suck it up and do something tomorrow, just to say I did, but it’s easy to forget, it’s 80% input, 20% output, and I have to be aware that exercising will not translate directly to eating more. Ugh, I’m giving myself a headache, but sorry y’all, I don’t have anyone else to work this out with. I did take some melatonin, so maybe that will kick in soon. Buenos noches, amigos.


Last updated September 11, 2020

Two Hermits and a Cat September 11, 2020

And how has the sleep been lately? I know people get heart palpitations for all different reasons, but when I get them it’s usually because I’ve gotten crappy sleep for a prolonged period. Of course, if it is anxiety-fueled, then it probably feeds on itself.

TX Tornado Two Hermits and a Cat ⋅ September 11, 2020

A little rough some nights, but usually plenty, time wise. Melatonin seems to help.

Lucretia September 12, 2020

Palpitations are awful, I feel for you.

Exercise doesn't always make you hungry. Running is a good appetite suppressant even. I used to get workout anxiety but it makes me feel so good after I really love it now. It's relearning behaviour x

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