Dog poisoned himself, vet visit, mask making upgrades in ?

  • Sept. 10, 2020, 4:26 a.m.
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I visited my mom today to meet her new dog Blue. Blue is a doxen with an overly eager sex drive that likes to chew everything. When I met him he was foaming at the mouth and vomiting. I looked around to notice Zimecterin on the floor he chewed on because apparently his doggy chew toy wasn’t appealing enough.He apparently digested medicine and got himself sick when mom was vacuuming. Mom got some charcoal pills out of the shelf gave the puppy a small dose and took Blue to the vet with her cat named Kitten. I knew the charcoal made the 10 year old doxen better because he proceeded to hump Kitten, my car, my seat, some stairs anything he could access he happily molested it. He jumped up and down trying to molest the other dogs that were significantly taller than him. Blue kind of reminds me of teenage boys.. The vet said the dog was bald not only because of a skin allergy but high testosterone. The vet suggested that Blue would be excellent for stud service. To think I thought Blue was to old. Mom swears she is going get some pretty puppies in the future.

Earlier today I went to Ben Franklin to help some issues with my mask making. I bought a stencil because I accidentally make my masks to small. I bought adjustable elastic because I accidentally cut my elastic for children sizes instead adults. With the adjustable elastic I will no longer have to worry if it will fit or not because it can be adjusted by whoever I gave the mask to. It might cost a bit more per mask but it is one less agrivation to deal with. I got several different decorator fabrics. I bought some fabrics with the idea of making my husband several.

People have been asking me to make them masks but I decided I won’t charge until I deem my projects good enough for public. Talan criticize me for buying matchbox car fabric. He refused to wear it. He said it was childish. I have loved matchbox cars as a kid. I will wear it happily. My husband just doesn’t have good taste. People are so ungrateful when I make them masks. I might donate several to the school system to help the needy. Donation is better than selling. You don’t have to hear criticism.

Tomorrow I work in the morning. In the afternoon I plan to switch elastics on my current masks to adjustable elastic so I won’t have to worry about raw painful ears. I have such a large personal collection of masks I made now it is hard to keep up.

I am still trying to decide whether my chest pains are just panic induced or actual heart attack. After an argument with my husband my left arm went numb, chest pain and panic attacks. I sadly don’t have insurance. I wish I did so I could get the chest pains fixed.

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