Grr. in Day to Day

  • Sept. 8, 2020, 4:44 p.m.
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We got a new backdoor put in today, though the framing needs to be replaced, which would have been nice for him to mention before nailing it back in and letting us decide it looked shitty. Seriously… never. ever. EVER. use a contractor you know personally. BUT the door is in and shit is happening, so fucking whatever. He said he’ll keep working on the things that need to get finished.

I went shopping with little man, who was wearing a cowboy hat and bandanna and was literally the cutest thing on two legs. I was carrying him to bed last night and realized how freakin’ tall he’s gotten.. I’m not going to be able to carry him like a little guy for much longer. Cue tears. Where did my baby go?

On that front… my almost-45-year-old aunt gave birth via c-section to BABY NUMBER 8 today, which happened ON ACCIDENT. Meanwhile, I’m 34 and it’s been almost a year and I can’t get pregnant intentionally. The pain and aggravation is real. It didn’t help that my period showed up today. So I’m just a little bitter.

But I did my first Spanish test. 98%, and it’s basically all straight from the homework, and I am actually learning some, which is good. I’m keeping up with my classes so far and doing pretty well. I was worried the mini-mester classes would run me over, but they’ve been alright. Just steady. If I was working.. it would be a bit much.

I think I’m finally getting used to not working? I don’t know. I’m not great at sticking to a schedule, of course, and still have things I need to do and blah blah blah. Life is as it always is.. in motion and ever incomplete. I did get a bunch of masks finished for Mermaid’s daughter and niece, and they are super cute, so that was good. I’m most of the way through a bunch more, then I’ll almost be caught up with my sewing. One of these days I’m going to actually, I dunno, work out or something. eyeroll But I haven’t eaten like garbage today, so we’ll call today a win.

My nails have been trashed since I peeled off the dip a week or two back and I’m tired of them bending, so I picked up a $2 bottom-shelf, Wal-mart special set of fakies today and glued them off, and they look pretty nice! They’re nice and short, and omg why do people spend SO MUCH MONEY on fake nails? I always have them break or crack or peel up on me, and it always pisses me off because I know how much the fuckers cost. Never again. Press-ons 4 life. (Pedis are totally worth it, though.... I need to get one....)

Ok, guess I’m done rambling. I’m riding a ‘finished my first test and passed’ high. I think I’m going to try to sucker Thomas into cooking tonight. It won’t be complicated… I picked up some ribeyes and want steak and eggs. Mmmmmmmm. Onward.


Lucretia September 09, 2020

Wow 98%! Congratulations! You totally kick ass

Jinn September 14, 2020

You are doing great !

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