Fishy in A restart

  • Sept. 4, 2020, 11:25 p.m.
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I’m just sitting here sharing a tray of sushi with my cat. Haha.

You have never loved anything as much as he loves the sashimi. These beautiful cuts of fish he goes crazy over. I guess you’d have to know him and his mannerisms.

It makes you think - across the whole spectrum of what he sees and feels and tastes in his life, this sort of delicious raw salmon and tuna has to be at the top of the list. It’s like someone feeding you the best thing you have ever eaten, only it’s not a once in your life kind of thing, he gets it once every few weeks or so.

And directly from the human’s hand - I wonder what he thinks of it. Does he see me as sort of the leader of his social group, and is happy to share in the excess of what I have? Am I some sort of friend that he feels comfortable asking me for things? Am I like some sort of a parent figure to him? He meows to communicate with me and I’ve read that they naturally only do this for their mothers. But he seems to know the difference between me and H and he treats us differently - does he recognize that we are male and female and that’s why his relationship with me is different? Or does he remember that it was just me and him at first and that H came later? Can he remember back that far? Animal psychology… hmm.

Anyhow. Things are going well. Still just resting after the move, so glad to be out of the city and in a place that is peaceful and safe and calm and quiet. There is a lot of city drama going on near our old place, and there are 8 or 10 units for sale in that building now, almost 10% of them. We are SO lucky we got out when we did.

We always get taken care of, but sometimes it’s in a remarkable way. We got out just in time, really. We sold the place even when there was not much interest. The right buyer just came along at just the right moment even in the difficult market. The right place opened up for us where we are now. These things are not accidents.

How are you doing?

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