Discord and Conflict... in And So It Goes....

  • Sept. 3, 2020, 3:17 a.m.
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I told my Pennsylvania sister that my oldest sister and I had VERY BRIEFLY discussed the FACT that she did not like me very much while growing up. I told Pennsylvania sister this, myself before my other sister might let it get back to her, w/ some type of “spin” on it. Pennsylvania sister got highly ticked off at me, and sent me two very nasty e-mails, telling me off. I tried to rectify the situation, but she would not hear of it. Oldest sister told me the other sister was going through some major family problems to boot. I was not trying to rub salt into the wound or anything like that. So, I have done everything that I can, on my end of things, to make things good, but she will not hear of it. So, once again in my life I have conflict.
My neighbor across the hall is not speaking to me, nor is his caregiver. I have done so much for him it is not even funny. They seem as if they do not wish to be bothered, so I simply go about my business. They have their door open all day long. Every time I come or go, they watch my every move. I have heard my neighbor say things to his caregiver, commenting on the fact that I am always washing laundry. So what? It is none of his business.
At least I do my laundry, in order to keep a clean and healthy environment for myself, and to deter any possible infestations of bugs (which I do not have). More conflict and discord.
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