Storm/Testing in Pictures

  • Sept. 2, 2020, 4 a.m.
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OK, since I was having some trouble posting pictures I am going to try a different way to post. As a test I’m just throwing up some pictures from that storm we had 3 weeks ago. Let’s hope this works.


We had lots of very large trees ripped out of the ground by their roots.




When the tree roots here were ripped out of the ground it took the sidewalk with it.






toddslife September 02, 2020

nice photos

music & dogs & wine September 02, 2020

Is it all cleaned up now?

Ferret Mom music & dogs & wine ⋅ September 03, 2020

Most of it, the trees and such anyway. There are lots of people with roof damage that is going to take quite a while to fix.

ConnieK September 02, 2020

Mother Nature sure can level the playing field.

Leanne 🌈 September 02, 2020

I can sees them photos :)

J.E. September 02, 2020

Holy shit!

WhatDreamsMayCome September 02, 2020


sudare September 06, 2020

That’s awful... I hope they will be all covers by their insurances.

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