Jumping strays in Captured thoughts

  • Aug. 30, 2020, 4:55 p.m.
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I have a little note keeping app on my phone. Who doesn’t? And I like to capture stray thoughts as they linger and I lounge around in bed or by the pool, sometimes out for a stroll. Sometimes I revise these notes and explore them a little deeper. Sometimes I find that there is nothing there.

Here’s a poem:
Over the moon, back on land
Vodka, beer, CBD, THC
Swimming pool, barbecue
Netflix, podcast, Spotify
Listening to Frank Zappa’s Absolutely Free

I’ve been experimenting with different combinations of CBD and THX oils, along with vodka, beer and wine. I haven’t found the sweet spot yet, but I will keep trying. I have to experiment because I feel that most people older than me disapprove and most people younger than me already know.

We are living in excellent times, (except for the pandemic).

Airline sent me this “we’re in this together” bit about supporting each other in these troubling times. Yeah right. Where were they when I had two suitcases. One weighed 23 kilos (3 kilo over weight) and the other 16 kilos (4 kilo under weight)? Where were they when I got fogged in in Vancouver on the way back from a hell trip to China? Where were they when I paid $12/hour for parking, waiting hours and hours for a family member to arrive after being delayed in Calgary? We weren’t in it together then, were we?

I added a email tracker my gmail account. I had to download Chrome (again) for that but I think it is worthwhile. It is a nice peek into my clients email opening habits.

We shouldn’t want to become victims of a violent, undead cult of zombie hillbillies. We shouldn’t want to by hit by an astroid or comet to end out the year. We shouldn’t want to wish bad things happening to those who we hate. Well, maybe that one is ok.

Someone has been trolling me online. I mean really, if they put that effort into some kind of income generating activity, we’d both be better off.

A giraffe walks into a bar
(Stop me if you’ve heard this one)
The high balls are me, he says
That pretty much sums up where I’ve been. Drifting free of the realm. My tether came undone…

I’ve been focusing too much lately on proof nor performance.

I’m living in a golden age.
They made cannabis legal.

Asians consider themselves outsiders, except in Asia where every Asian nation is inferior to each other.

I’m trying not to look out the window in the morning so I’ll have something to do in the afternoon.

I never drink before noon or south of Bread Truck Road.

I spend Monday morning jumping strays and bayoneting the wounded

My alarm clock doesn’t ring. It applauds.

I didn’t like him when he was alive
It’s the ultimate burn

Everything is related to real estate.
It’s like the one degree of separation.

Travis McGee is nowhere near as good as Jack Reacher, the update. The 2.0 so much better than the original.

We don’t like to talk about infrequency as much as frequency.

My father used to say that I was a pessimist.
I would say, No I’m a realist. But really, pessimism has served me well

When I look at old photos of myself, I think. “Wow, I was really good looking”, which it enlightening as I never thought of myself that way then.

I had a phone call. The caller display said Muhammad Ali. How could I not answer? Turns out to be a sales call as I knew it would be. But I have admire the effort and creativity.
10 points!

I’m the drinker
She’s the thinker

Another difference is that her dad was a fat man in a poor country and my dad was a thin man in a rich country

More about her
She gave me a funny feeling that wasn’t that funny or much of a feeling, more of a flash going off in my head. You ever get those? This one was her and me, one of us in a compromising position, the other holding:
A gun
A gerbil
A box of shredded wheat
A camera…
One of those. I won’t say which one.

I haven’t been this nervous about coughing since I went to that Keith Jarrett concert.

It’s actually not that difficult to get the toothpaste back in the tube. It helps if you know how it got there in the first place.

This place has more mirrors than a Korean barbershop.


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