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  • Aug. 28, 2020, 2:13 a.m.
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Ok, at long last, the sale of my former place has closed.

I didn’t want to say anything at the time, but the buyers were having issues. With a week to go, our agent says they aren’t getting approved for their loan. They supposedly had some regulatory problem with the bank, and he was not optimistic the deal would go through. So the prospect of putting the place back on the market was looming and of waiting another 2 months or whatever. (Not that big a deal, we can pay for both places temporarily knowing the money would be coming back when it eventually did sell, but not ideal.)

Then suddenly over the weekend - the deal was back on, according to our agent, who was “trying to confirm” everything, and we heard nothing else. But they did get approval finally Monday, and the sale closed today (Thursday). We should have the money tomorrow or Monday, but regardless - I am free of you. Goodbye Minneapolis. Even as you rioted and burned yourself once again, in the final hours I owned a property in your downtown.

That was particularly sad. A completely false rumor started on social media that the police had shot someone (it was actually a suicide) and immediately, the opportunists go to work looting, and more local businesses get burned. Sad.

I think the politicians here - wait, I mean “there” since I don’t live there anymore - I think the politicians can’t say it, but I think they know they made a huge mistake by encouraging and siding with the rioters the last time. Now they can’t stop it, and it can start up again based just on a rumor. Based on nothing at all. Anyway, this is a big part of why I’m gone.

Things are really looking up, here. We’ll hang in this temporary situation until after the first of the year, when I know if I will ever be an in-office worker or if I’m permanently remote now. (rumors say, it’s the latter). How awesome would it be to be able to live anywhere and keep the great job I have now? To not need to be in the city and still make the same salary, have the same good job, and be able to live much further out from the metro, where your money goes much further and the cost of living is much lower?

I think this is the most optimism I’ve had for my life in 5 years or so. The pandemic is not yet gone, we’ve all still got to live through the election, lots of people are hurting - but it’s important to remember that not everything is bad. Things in my world are looking better than ever now, and I am grateful.

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