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  • Aug. 27, 2020, 7:21 p.m.
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The storm completely missed us. Not even a thunderstorm. Bah. I love storms, so (other than the damage) I love hurricanes. I’m a little bummed it missed us, but be sure, I feel for the people it trucked right over. Ah well.. Guess I’ll put my patio and porch back to rights.

My grandma is still here, but will be heading to my mom’s tonight and back to El Paso tomorrow. I’ll have the weekend to get a strong start on school work and housework. This morning, I cleaned out and rearranged my pantry and washed a ton of dishes, so my kitchen looks better. I have SOMUCHGODDAMNLAUNDRY to fold.... Bless my mother, I hate when she washes our laundry when she watches the house. She doesn’t sort colors when she washes and she doesn’t fold or hang anything, so I end up with random heaps of wrinkled laundry and I don’t know where anything is. Grr.

In happy news, most of my Amazon wardrobe order in! The purse, 2 pairs of boots, and a pair of jeans are going back, but the star of the box is these beauties:

Omg. They fit, and they are fantastic. They’re less than $110 on Amazon, so I’m calling it my bday present and keeping them. I freaking love them. The leather is so soft and flexible. They are amazingly comfortable, even for my duck feet. I’m in love. I may even wear them to Ren Fest with my pirate getup. I’m so excited. 😆😆😆

I need to get shirts pressed for my mom before she comes over. Away I go!


Edit- omg, y’all. My mom brought my birthday present early. She got me a freakin’ drinking horn. This one, I think, but pretty close if not exact.

I love it so much. You don’t even know. It’s the most random, ridiculous thing that I’m so happy to own. I can’t wait for Ren Fest to put it with my costume. Omg. Oh, and she totally loved her shirts. They were a major hit. Best birthday swap in a while!

Last updated August 27, 2020

LittleAvocado August 27, 2020

Happy Birthday (belated?) and I love storms too! (We are getting one today...)

TX Tornado LittleAvocado ⋅ August 27, 2020

Lol early, but thank you! <3

LittleAvocado TX Tornado ⋅ August 27, 2020

Cool. :) I had my birthday about two months ago (July 2)

TX Tornado LittleAvocado ⋅ August 27, 2020

Summer birthdays are fun, but omg.. I feel for my mom. I was late and she was living in Texas. Not much could inspire me to be pregnant in Texas in the summer.

LittleAvocado TX Tornado ⋅ August 28, 2020

Oh god no! That's gotta be torture! :o

Lucretia August 28, 2020

The boots are glorious! I used to love DMs but they changed slightly when they moved the factory (new tooling I guess) and the stopped fitting me. I can live my boot dreams vicariously through you instead.

The drinking horn is wicked. Everyone should own on! We have a clay one from Italy that you tie to your belt x

TX Tornado Lucretia ⋅ August 28, 2020

This one has a belt loop and a carry strap and will be PERFECT for ren fest!

Jinn August 29, 2020

Love the boots!

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