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  • Aug. 26, 2020, 12:55 p.m.
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I’m out again, getting last minute supplies before Laura hits. Managed to get my car’s safety inspection done, but of course not without hassle… My phone chose that moment to decide it wasn’t going to have any kind of signal, so to show I had insurance, I had to restart my phone with the guy waiting and hope it wasn’t going to keep it up. Thankfully it corrected itself. While at Kroger, I decided to get my flu shot. They ran everything… and CVS had a hold on it through my insurance from yesterday. Omfgggg. I just want to get my flu shot, which I really don’t actually want, but I really don’t want to risk getting the flu this year, because I’d be the unlucky idiot to get the flu and covid together. (No kidding, I’ve managed flu and strep together… I was pretty sure I was dying.) Now I’m waiting to see if they can get CVS to fix it in time for me to get my shot, check out, and get home by 130 for a quick zoom with Nathan’s teacher.

Alright, first world problems aside… Hurricane Laura is rumored to be a cat 4 and bearing down on us. I’m toward the edge of the strike zone, but hurricanes do crazy shit once they hit. I’m moving everything that isn’t nailed down up to the most covered areas of the patio and making sure we have water and batteries. If we lose power for any serious amount of time, we can run to the inlaws’. (Shit, I was supposed to get fish food.. Damn.)

Ok, should be any minute now for the shot. Yaaaaay.


Lucretia August 26, 2020

Eep! I hope Laura misses you entirely.

TX Tornado Lucretia ⋅ August 26, 2020

I feel for people who won't fare as well, but I'll be fine. ❤

Jigger August 26, 2020

Good luck, and keep us posted.

TX Tornado Jigger ⋅ August 26, 2020


Jinn August 29, 2020

Hoping Laura missed you ‘

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