Phew? in A restart

  • Aug. 25, 2020, 11:38 p.m.
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Well, the big week is here and things seem to be progressing normally with the sale of our old place. I swear, real estate dealings are not fun for either the buyer or seller AT ALL, but I think the agent’s job seems kind of fun. Obviously I have a career now and I don’t wish to change, but I think I could have been good at that job.

(H laughs at me because I say that about most jobs but I think it’s true.)

Supposedly the whole deal will be done by Friday. After everything we have gone through this year, I am going to feel like Frodo at the end of LOTR, hah.

Anyway, regarding the gig last weekend. I did rehearse with the band and it went well-ish, but the program was changed at the end of the week so I didn’t actually play with them Sunday. But I think it was valuable experience and I will be back soon.

Now that I have an office with a door I can close, and I have a real desk, and I have my whole workstation from work here (I went to the office and took everything from my desk home, so I have my two 24” monitors and such). I feel like I’ve been really really productive since that happened. It’s amazing what the right tools and some peace and quiet can do, right? I mean, it’s true that because of the lockdowns we have lost a terrifying amount of money this year at work… somehow we managed to destroy hospitals in the middle of an infectious disease… but personally careerwise, I feel like I’m doing better than ever. I am producing better work than ever, that is. So while that is nice, is it being noticed as much? Being a manager is much harder now. Does my boss see what I’m doing all the time? Probably not? I’m glad she loved me before this, since we won’t be going back for another 6 months at least.

That is to say, they told us we won’t be going back to the office until the first of the year, if ever. I think maybe they are going to get rid of the leased office space we currently use at work, and make us all remote. We’ve proven we can do it, and this is the best way for them to make up all the money we’ve lost this year.

But doesn’t the first of the year seem like million years away? We all have a lot to live through before then. We have to deal with the chance that the virus will be breaking out here and there again, we have an election to live through that will surely cause people to lose their minds again, there are riots every time something bad happens now… I think we could all use a return to normalcy. Can we just return to basic sanity and moderation in all things?

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