Lake Chelan Part II in Staying Connected

  • Aug. 24, 2020, 3:57 p.m.
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I still don’t know how to even begin to document what this trip to Washington was like. I guess, to simplify it, I’m just going to make a list of highs and lows.


  1. Because we had to share a room with our daughter, going to bed every night was a trick. We had to sneak in like ninjas. It definitely wasn’t the relaxing night sleep you imagine on a vacation.

  2. I also had to continuously remind everybody that the baby was sleeping, so to be quiet when passing her room. Luckily, our baby is a pretty solid sleeper, so no issues came of this. It was just, again, something else I found myself worrying about.

  3. In a way, it felt like the opposite of a vacation. On a typical week at home, I get at least half of the day to not be around my daughter, several days of the week. On this trip however, she was unusually clingy to me and it was 24/7. I felt like I couldn’t catch one second of down time.

  4. As I mentioned in the last entry, my niece was sick, and this quickly spiraled into my niece, my nephew, my sister-in-law, my sister, my brother-in-law, my mom, and eventually my dad and my daughter, too. Just to put it in perspective, out of the 12 people in the house, 9 people left sick. We’re still waiting on test results to find out if its Covid. The main reason I mention this is because of the constant anxiety I felt about it and, at times, anger.

  5. My brother lashed out on me at least three times. Once, as mentioned previously, because I mentioned that I was concerned about my dad, who already has a terminal illness, was staying in a house with coughing and sneezing people during a global pandemic. I know. I’m such a bitch.

  6. The last entry left off when my husband returned home from a night of drinking with my brother and brother-in-law. Well, turns out he got alcohol poisoning, spent the whole night and next day throwing up, and (here’s the kicker) continued to throw up and be useless on our four-hour drive home. I decided that being mad at him was redundant—he was already suffering enough—but this is worth mentioning because as a result of him throwing up, our daughter woke up from her nap 10 minutes into the drive and then proceeded to cry and be upset the rest of the time. I had to pull over a few times to try to calm her down because, like I said, my husband was utterly fucking useless. So THAT was an especially fun time for me. Did I mention it was a four-hour drive?

  7. By the time we got on the plane ride home, I was fried as fuck. Of course, this is when my daughter decided to bust out the big guns. I’ve never seen her so hyper. She was happy, at first, and just yelling out gibberish, climbing the seats, wanting to walk up and down the aisle, and just needing nonstop attention in general. When they put the fasten seatbelts sign on, my daughter scream-cried for a good five minutes because she wanted the freedom to move around the cabin and I obviously couldn’t let her do that without me. Again, super fun time for me.

  8. When we finally got home, it was already 8:30pm, our daughter was exhausted and hungry, and our condo was baking at, like, 95 degrees. One of my poor trees was half dead. Naturally, we opened the windows and doors, turned on the fans and a/c units, and within minutes we blew the circuit breaker. We had to reset it and it kept blowing over and over again. It was just a really turbulent homecoming.


  1. The drive to the lake was gorgeous. It was like we were driving through a postcard for hours.

  2. It was nice to know each day when I woke up that there really weren’t any obligations.

  3. I got to have some pretty nice conversations with my sister-in-law about real shit like the deaths of her dad and brother, her perspective on her relationship with my brother, and her current situation with her friends and her mom.

  4. My daughter got to spend some time with her grandparents, cousins, and aunts and uncles, which is important.

  5. My daughter went on a boat for the first time. Even better than that, though, I got to spend several hours on the boat while my husband stayed back at the house with my daughter. That was really nice.

  6. I also got to go out and get wine slushies with my mom, my brother, and my sister-in-law, and we had a fucking ball. We were laughing hysterically by the end of it, and it’s always really therapeutic to get a good, hard laugh in.

  7. I got to spend some quality one on one time with my dad, which I never take for granted.

  8. I also got some quality one on one time with my mom.

Overall, I’m glad we did it. I think I would have regret it had we not done it. I also have no plans on doing this again until the covid thing is figured out—whether that means there’s a vaccine or something else. I don’t know. But I am not staying in a house again with my brother for sure. He is the one who believes the covid thing is being blown out of proportion and wearing masks is stupid. He is the one who let his daughter throw a big party less than a week before sharing this house with us. And he is the one who brought whatever it was—either a head cold that spreads like wildfire or covid—with him. So yeah. NOT doing that again.

I was glad that I don’t have to work today, but sadly my husband did. So this morning it was me and my baby again. So far we’ve unpacked, washed and dried all the laundry, and put hers away. I still need to put mine away. I also watered my plants, cleaned out my daughter’s water table to play with, and started a grocery list. I’ll have to do my weekly grocery store run tonight, after my husband is done working. Oh, and my husband and I just got to do it for the first time in something like two weeks. So that was nice.

Now I think I’m going to take the rest of my daughter’s nap and try to relax. I can see her wiggling on the video monitor right now. Please, God, let her keep sleeping…

Until next time <3

Last updated August 24, 2020

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