Potpourri, Vol. 4 (I think?) in The Real Pretend Mulling

  • Aug. 24, 2020, 3:35 p.m.
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Eh, I’m not gonna go through my entries and see. I’m lazy.

I have a Zoom interview for another job tonight. Admin assistant at a private law firm, pays about $38,000 a year (what? what?! I might not be forced to live on near-poverty wages anymore?!), and a business formal dress code. Of all the things about this job, it’s that last one I’m not sure of. I’ve spent the last two years working in a government office with a business casual dress code. I’m allowed to wear jeans unless the governor is visiting (and, to my knowledge, he never has). Because of that, I don’t have what I think most people would consider “business professional” clothing.

I mean, I have a blazer. I have a pair of office-appropriate slacks. I have some shirts and dresses I can see being dressed up to “professional”. I even have business professional shoes, though I almost never wear them (general problems with my feet, plus, as all women know, “business professional” footwear means “heels,” which, while good for my height, are terrible for your knees, back, feet, and ankles). But I don’t know. And I don’t have a ton of money to go out and get more clothes, even if all I did was hit up thrift stores.

I also wonder if the fact that I have a visible, though entirely non-offensive, tattoo is going to hurt my chances. I mean, if it does, then it’s probably not a place I want to work at anyway. As long as it doesn’t signify gang affiliation, a tattoo isn’t a mark of bad character, and I really wish more employers would realize that. At some point -i.e., within the next five or ten years- 99% of the hiring pool will be Millennials and Gen Z, most of whom have tattoos, piercings, or both, so either Boomers are gonna have to get over themselves and accept that “bodily autonomy” means “freedom to mark up this flesh prison in which I live,” or… Well, I don’t think there’s actually an “or” here. Tattoos exist, and a lot of people under the age of 40 have them. Deal.

Entry about why straight people need to shut the actual fuck up about bisexual people and what “bi” is or isn’t, coming soon. Because if I hear one more hetero “hot take” about Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” being biphobic, I will scream. Loudly. In bi.

I was gonna watch Space Ghost Coast to Coast on Hulu today. Then I found out that only premium subscribers can watch it. I’d have to have added live TV for $55 a month to watch ONE. GODDAMN. SHOW. That’s insane. Plus, as far as I can tell, “live TV” on Hulu is basically football, which I don’t watch. (Not for any political reason; I just don’t like football. I might be willing to pay, like, ten dollars more each month for Hulu if I could watch hockey and my beloved Penguins live, but I’m not paying $55 a month for the option.)

I’m almost thinking streaming services are in cahoots with Comcast, to drive the price up so high that cable looks like a reasonable alternative.

My Kindle bricked today. Fortunately, it’s still under warranty (I just bought it in June), so Amazon is sending me another one.

I might have another r/AskReddit survey coming soon.

Remember when moral crusaders said that video games would make kids fat?¹

Ha. Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha HAAAAA ha ha. //maniacal Joker laugh//

A video game is at least part of the reason I’ve dropped from 165 to 161 in the last six weeks. Suck my kiss, moral crusaders!

¹While ignoring the things that actually make kids fat, like cutting recess and gym classes at the elementary level, not encouraging them to take up lifelong sports (i.e. running, dance, cycling, etc) in favor of short-career, high-impact, body- and mind-destroying sports (i.e. FOOTBALL), their parents experiencing wage stagnation and not being able to either afford the ingredients for a nutritious meal or having the time to cook one, so they end up being fed calorie-dense junk with no nutrients, or the bombardment of fast food advertising that’s still primarily aimed at kids? I’m pretty sure moral crusader groups are just money- and attention-grubbing whiners.

That said, I stopped at Jack in the Box and got chicken strips for lunch today. They were good.

All right, I suppose I should get ready for my interview. Stay sexy and don’t get COVID.

leftwingheartbreak August 24, 2020

well, I don't have COVID. nor am I sexy 🤷‍♀️ one out of two isn't bad, I'd say!

Starhawk August 24, 2020

within the next five or ten years- 99% of the hiring pool will be Millennials and Gen Z, most of whom have tattoos, piercings, or both, so either Boomers are gonna have to get over themselves

cries in Gen X

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