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  • Aug. 19, 2020, 10:06 p.m.
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Today, from another tenant I bought a black leather futon. It looks nice in my living room. I got a good deal. It is in very good condition. I bought it for the asking price of $75.00 / cash on delivery.
Secondly, I texted my oldest sister. On Monday afternoon, she is coming for a visit. :)
Lastly, the person for whom I made the cabbage rolls offered me $15.00/ for 8 of them, in sauce. I threw in some thick, crusty Italian bread. I hope that he likes them. Yesterday, I went up to Kroger, buying all fresh ingredients and spices in which to make them.
I am looking forward to my sisters visit. I have not seen her in a while.
Earlier, around 9pm I turned in for the night. I rolled over on my left side. I began to have a great deal of discomfort in my entire left leg. I applied muscle rub, then went outside for a smoke. I went back to my apartment, put in a music cd and worked on next month’s budget. Now I am watching the 11pm news. ‘Til next time. .....:)

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