Snakes on the plain in Captured thoughts

  • Aug. 18, 2020, 10:14 a.m.
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I hate it when people tell me to stay safe.
“Stay silly”, I want to say back.

Filtration Nation
— a good name for a water store

I’m wasting my time.
I stepped back from the stuff that I usually do to waste my time. Less writing. No more excessive news reading. I’m bored of youtube and there is nothing good to watch on Netflix. I’ve been living my life outside, hanging around the pool in the backyard, going for bike rides around the neighbourhood, taking a nap and listening to podcasts during the day, floating in the pool.

I ran out of cannabis oil so I’ve started in on the gel caps. They are slower to take effect as they have to be processes through my liver instead of straight into the blood stream like oil.

TIL: In Japan there is a fire alarm that can wake deaf people by spraying wasabi in the air.

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