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  • Aug. 16, 2020, 1:50 a.m.
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I had planned on getting back into dating (online, since it’s still crazy out there). However, my latest “obsessions” have taken up most of my energy. All I can think about are crochet, sewing, learning programming, maxing efficiency+productivity, watching online lectures and trying to scrape up enough cash to get my own place one day. Online dating has barely been a blip on my radar.

Instead of feeling bummed out though, I feel fortunate. I thank God that I have passions in life, because for so long I’ve just felt drab about everything. I think this is what it finally means to be “happy alone.”

These past couple of days I’ve woken up excited about how the day will unfold. I don’t remember being this excited since I was 11 (and I’m 31) where I was hit by what eventually became a crippling, severe depression.

At current I’m studying vocabulary and we’re about ready to hit up the yarn store for cheap deals. <3 I’ll be a lot pickier this time.

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