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  • Aug. 13, 2020, 6:49 p.m.
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So, for the past several days, I have had really mild cold symptoms, mostly in the evening, that I’ve been chalking up as paranoia. I have a long history of psyching myself out about shit, and I know I’ve been anxious about going on a plane and seeing my dad. In order to not let myself spiral out any more than necessary, every time I feel anything that could potentially be a symptom, I think, “it’s just anxiety.”

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary, and it really was wonderful. Not nearly long enough! But wonderful nonetheless.

We ordered takeout for dinner on Tuesday night and had some drinks. Wednesday morning we woke up late. I took a shower while my husband laid in bed, nursing his hangover. I made us both a delicious brunch, and we enjoyed it on our patio. We had decided the night before to make appointments to get tested for covid, so we did that. It was relatively easy. We just drove one mile down the road, swabbed our own noses, and it was done. Then we went to the beach, rented a tandem bike, and road down the boardwalk for about an hour. We returned the bike, picked a beachfront restaurant, and ordered drinks and appetizers. And then we picked up our baby.

This morning I woke up, and I’m about 95% sure I’m sick. I have postnasal drip and feel fatigued. I’m just really hoping that if I drink tons of water, eat well, and rest, it will clear itself up. I’m really glad I got tested, and I really hope my test results, which will be texted to me tomorrow, come back negative. At this point I’m wondering, even if the test comes back negative, if my cold symptoms don’t go away—what that’s going to mean both for my flight and for my stay with my dad. I just don’t know.

I’m trying to tell myself that no matter what happens, it will be okay. I just found out for the second time that a family member of one of my clients has died from covid. I also have clients reporting to me that they have tested positive. So it’s very real for me right now, and I’m not a fan. But, on the other hand, I am alive. My dad is alive. And we are all living our best lives right now. So, like I said, no matter what happens… as of now, everything will be okay.

Until next time <3

Test results came back negative =)

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The Thirsty Oriental August 14, 2020

Happy anniversary! I hope you feel better!

The Thirsty Oriental August 15, 2020

Glad it was negative!

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